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Defective and dangerous products injure and kill countless Florida residents every year. Sometimes the products release poisons or contain lead, which can impact a growing child's health, and sometimes dangerous and defective products start fires or break bones. All of these injuries are serious and manufacturers who release these products to the general public should be held accountable.

Clearwater Florida product liability attorneys who care about you and your families injuries in due to negligent product design or manufacturing.

Dangerous Product Liability in Florida

Dangerous products injure or kill thousands each year. When a product is offered to the public, it should be safe for use.


If a defective product in FL injured you, you need an St Petersburg product liability lawyer who will fight the big companies to get you what you deserve.

Defective Products in St Petersburg

When a manufacturer fails to deliver a product that is safe and conforms with current safety standards, he can be held liable for damage or injuries that result.


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