Where the Present Remembers the Past

On September 28, 2016, Founding Partner Dennis R. DeLoach Jr. gave an insightful presentation to the Seminole Historical Society, community leaders, and citizens on the background of the founding of the City of Seminole in 1970. 

It all began back in 1965 when Dennis was working with the law firm of Fisher & Sauls, P.A. and transferred to their Seminole office. In 1970, his passion for the community led him to help form the City of Seminole and serve as its first co-city attorney. 

At the presentation, Dennis referenced some of the initial ordinances of the City from a copy of the first minutes provided by Mayor Leslie Waters. It was standing room only in the new museum, and there were many questions about the early days. Several longtime residents shared their personal memories. Fellow City founders Dr. Ed Lurie and Nevis Herrington also contributed stories about the roles they played and their historical perspectives. The Seminole Historical Society was founded to highlight historical artifacts, documents, articles and buildings in Seminole.

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