Making Probate as Easy as Possible

There are few legal topics that are more confusing than the death of a family member. Most have heard of probate, but do not even understand what probate is. No matter how large or small the estate, we will be able to assist you in the most straightforward and efficient way possible.

Compassionate Guidance for Your Family

  • Knowledgable and hard working probate attorneys to make this process easy for you and the family
  • Real estate experience to help sell the real property as part of probate
  • Probate litigation experience available for the tough situations

Download Your Free Probate Book Today!

It can be incredibly confusing for everyone when a family member dies.  Most people have never worked with wills, living trusts, Social Security, pensions or more, and it can be a difficult and stressful time.  This is why we wrote our free book, Navigating the Florida Probate Process, which will help the nominated personal representative ("executor") and the rest of the family know what to expect in the days ahead.

How does Probate Work in Florida?

When a family member dies, the family often has no idea where to turn to get the answers you need. Confusion abounds in a difficult time.  Our goal at DeLoach, Hofstra & Cavonis, P.A. is to help the family as efficiently and effectively as possible. We are practical attorneys who want to help you avoid extra costs, fees and effort.  Part of probate in Florida is educating our clients to make the best decisions they can.  Our free guide to Navigating the Florida Probate Process will help clarify your issues and concerns.

What Assets Actually Go Through Probate?

When you die and you have assets in your own, individual name, those assets are distributed through the probate process. Not all of the decedent's assets will go through probate - life insurance, IRAs, 401k's and annuities will likely have beneficiary designations that are not distributed according to the last will and testament. As part of probate, we will work with the personal representative to make sure you know the legal differences and how to plan accordingly.

Probate is not Part of the "Death Tax"

Probate was created to make sure your bills are paid, taxes are paid and assets are distributed to the correct place. Probate is not part of the estate tax that makes the government money; it is an legal and orderly process of wrapping up a decedent's affairs.

Let our Experienced Team Help You

The nominated personal representative has a great deal on their shoulders.  The family is often seeking clarity and information in a difficult time. Many family members may have financial concerns and this may apply added pressure to the nominated personal representative (i.e., the "executor."  Our job is to make things easy on the fiduciary serving, provide clear communication, and keep them out of trouble with the Florida probate court, creditors and family members.  As the fiduciary, much is on the personal representative's shoulders, so you will need good legal advice to assist you.

We have years of experience taking care of the families in Pinellas County. We have families too and we know how important they are to you. Just give us a call and we'll schedule you for a consultation.