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Feedback We Have Received From Attendees

"The seminar was extremely helpful, and Rep was very knowledgeable and knew the topic and explained it so we could understand, very well presented!"

"We were very pleased to learn this seminar was being offered. It is something we had identified as a need. Rep did an excellent job in his presentation. The handouts were very helpful and the water appreciated. We look forward to meeting with Rep to discuss our estate planning."

"Great presentation, thank you!"

"Rep came highly recommended to me, he is MY Elder Law Attorney. I have a large level of satisfaction, trust, peace of mind working with Rep. I learned so much with this seminar and look forward to better helping my elder mom as well as myself through Rep. Great job Rep!"

"Thank you, you are great and very caring about your clients!!"

"Rep was an excellent speaker and "opened my eyes" as to how important a will is."

"I feel much better and protected through the personal advocacy of our attorney, Rep DeLoach."

"Thanks very much for setting aside regular time for the public to benefit from your expertise. This is much appreciated!"

"Outstanding seminar! Thanks."

"So glad to be a client at this law firm, specifically with you, Rep!"

"I have heard many elder law presentations. Your knowledge, delivery and quality of content were exceptional! I learned many new things. Thanks!"