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Our Clients Share Their Legal Experience With Our Seminole Firm

Though many clients come to us with little previous legal experience, our skilled lawyers have been helping local Floridians protect their rights and resolve their legal problems since 1976. Some of those clients share their personal stories and describe their experience working with our legal team. You can also take a look at the reviews our clients have left us on Google and Facebook. If you have worked with our firm, we would love to hear about your experience!

DISCLAIMER: The results are specific to the facts and legal circumstances of each of the clients' cases and should not be used to form an expectation that the same results could be obtained for other clients in similar matters without reference to the specific factual and legal circumstances of each client's case.

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  • "It was like watching a UFC fighter versus a high school wrestler. Paul was, at every corner, more prepared than the defendant's attorney."

    Rob's Litigation Testimonial (Transcript) So I think my case was a very unique case. It was a noise ordinance or noise nuisance situation. We were protecting our property that we owned and operate as an Airbnb, and we wanted to protect our guests from these sounds that were coming from this establishment. I'm just so glad that we made the decision early on to go with Paul. Um, from the very first time that I had conversations with him in his office, I thought, he's our man. He's the guy. We're gonna have represent us. There were well over a hundred videos that were, uh, produced as evidence and when, when Michael put them up on the screen that morning for the courtroom to see, Paul knew every one of those videos and he would say, seventh video down, play that one. So he knew everything that he was, uh, presenting, and he knew it inside and out. One of the things that I remember, uh, right in the very beginnings of it is when we walked into the courtroom, um, Paul had a little dolly and maybe seven or eight cases of boxes filled with our documents and the defendant's, um, attorney walked in with one box and I just thought, wow, uh, night and day, uh, compared to what Paul was prepared for versus the defendant, uh, was prepared for. “It was like watching a UFC fighter versus a high school wrestler.” He was just, uh, at every corner more prepared than the defendant's attorney. In terms of, um, how I felt about, uh, Paul Cavonis representing us, he's extremely professional, um, very confident from the, from the very first time we spoke, I could tell how confident he was with the case and so forth. Um, very knowledgeable of the law, um, prepares intensely. And then most importantly, uh, he prepared my wife and I, uh, so we were well prepared and felt comfortable going into trial. It's just amazing to see him in action, how he, how he commands the courtroom. I mean, it almost seemed like in some cases he was the judge because nothing revolved or moved without Paul making it go in that direction. Even when things shifted a little bit, Paul was able to bring it back. So it was always on our terms and on our side. Um, a master in the courtroom, a master in the true modern day Perry Mason.  

  • "If somebody does gets hurt in a slip and fall, I want them to know that there's hope. And Paul is the hope."

    Diane was simply running errands at a large retail store. And then “I fell and got hurt,” recalled Diane. She had slipped on the floor the store failed to maintain. Diane didn’t seek help right away. She waited a few days. With her arm swelling and in pain, she told her fiancé, “Ron, I think we need to call an attorney.” When they called our firm, Paul Cavonis promptly met with them.  “He explained it to us,” recalled Diane. “He said I will always be by your side. I will always answer all the questions that need to be answered. You are completely safe with me. You can call me on my personal phone anytime and I will answer it. If I don’t get with you, I’ll get right back with you.”  “Everybody has been so pleasant,” exclaimed Diane. “Not one time do you come in this office and not get a smile and feel welcome.” Diane struggled in bed at night to find a comfortable position. Her pain often kept her awake. That’s when she found comfort in a surprising place: our firm’s website.  “There were so many nights I would sit down and watch Paul’s instructional videos. Those videos were great for me to know what I’m expecting from this law firm and from the doctors I’m seeing,” explained Diane. “Ron would jokingly say, are you watching the website again? From all of my heart, the videos you designed and all of your staff mean the world to me.” Ron praised the videos, too. “They were instructional, about depositions and the other things we were going through. Paul used plain language and explained what to expect, what you can say, what you shouldn’t say, and so on. It helped a lot.” Diane also found support watching video testimonials on our site from other clients. “Wow, these are real people. These aren’t actors. I watched individuals, husbands and wives, motorcycle people, and especially slip and fall clients because that’s what happened to me.” Though Diane suffered a traumatic injury that will never go away, she wants to share her story to help others. “If somebody does get hurt in a slip and fall, I want them to know that there’s hope. And Paul is the hope. You don’t have to be in pain and suffering. You don’t have to be alone. You’re never alone when you find this firm. You’ve got a family!”  Diane's Slip & Fall Testimonial (Transcript)​ Diane: I went into an establishment and I fell and got hurt, and I did not want to get any help at that time because I had already been hurt previous to that. I went home and we waited a few days. And at that time, I didn't know really what to do because I waited a few days, but my arm was killing me and swelling. And so I thought, "Ron, I think we need to call an attorney." We made an appointment and he had seen us, I believe it was on a Monday or Tuesday after that. The whole complete case has been done with Paul. He explained it to us. He said, "I will always be by your side. I will always answer all the questions that need to be answered. You are completely safe with me." And he did a lot of personal things with me, telling me things about his mom was a waitress. I used to be a waitress. So the personality with him and me and his family life growing up and telling his stories with me made me feel so comfortable with him. And he told me and Ron, "You can call me on my personal phone anytime and I will answer it. If I don't get with you, I'll get right back with you." Paul is real on the other line. When he says he's going to call, he makes the appointment. It's him. It's not a paralegal. It's Paul. Everybody has been so pleasant. Not one time do you come in this office and not get a smile. You get a smile. You feel welcome. From Peggy, when it was time to talk to Peggy, from when it was medical, talking to the paralegal, which is Jennifer. Each person shared the experience with me right along the line. It's the greatest team I've ever been with as far as an attorney, and I've dealt with other attorneys. And his personality and his staff, I would trust with anybody. And there were so many nights, not one time, two, three, four times a week I would sit down and watch Paul's website (videos) that you've created. Those site (videos) were so great for me to know what I'm going to be expecting from this law firm. Ron: It was instructional about depositions and the other things that we were going through. And Paul took the time and used plain language and explained to us what to expect, what you can say, what you shouldn't say. Diane: So it helped me with depositions. It helped me with what to say at the doctors. It helped me with everything. I had a case that was very unusual. I had two mediations. Because the first mediation, we couldn't get anything done because they were fighting. They didn't have the dates right. They didn't have the times right. They didn't have their documentation. Nothing they said was correct and Paul corrected it for them. He knew everything that was correct. You wouldn't believe it. And he knew it. It's like he studied. You know we go all to have an exam? This man went from page one to the end of the page. Ron: He knew all about the case. Diane: He knew all about my case. He was on top of it, the whole mediation. He came unglued. I said, "Wow, maybe we should go to trial." That guy just blossomed. Ron: He was waiting for his turn to come in. Diane: And he had his turn and he didn't stop. He was correct. They were wrong. He nailed it and I think that's why they settled out of court. I don't think, I know, because I think they were afraid for me to be in front of a jury. If somebody does get hurt in a slip and fall, I want them to know that there's hope. And Paul is the hope. And that's when I really want to let people know, is that you don't have to be in pain and suffering. You don't have to be alone. You're never alone when you find this firm. You've got a family. What you all have created for people that need help in injury, slip and fall, motorcycles, whatever it may be, helped a whole lot. And when you're hurt bad, I suggest getting Paul Cavonis. He's the best.  

  • "As far as I'm concerned, Rep DeLoach has given me a whole new life."

    Clive's Elder Care Navigation and VA Benefits Testimonial (Transcript) I retired here with my wife. We get here. And little by little, I began noticing her memory disappearing. Took her to a clinic over in St. Petersburg, and they said, "There is early memory loss, about 15%." So that made me become a little worried. But, as each day, each month, each year went by, it became a little bit worse.   I thought, "My wife has got to go into some kind of care. I don't know where you go. I don't know how it works. I don't know what it costs." I came to Rep DeLoach when I realized that a phone call to the elder care organization located here in this area, in this county, was giving me information that wasn't consistent with what I had researched, and I felt that I needed help from someone that would know the situation.   We sat. We talked it over. He gave me background information on what he had to offer with his, first of all, person with the connections to all the assisted living. And he had the assisted living facility set up, the pricing, and everything else. I took her there. I got her set up there. But, within two months, she got up from a dining room table, pitched forward into the corner of another table, and was now being rushed to the hospital with broken ribs.   They told us she could not, could not go back to assisted living. It had to be a nursing home. There, again, was I having to look for one? No, Rep had it already lined up. And at 10:30 at night, three days before Christmas, I was able to drive in the back way to a locked-up facility, and then out came two aides to help pick her up out of my car and carry her in and put her into there, get her cleaned up, and so on. And that was the start of the nursing home.   Rep had within a day or two after, he had a gentleman come into my home - right here in Seminole Gardens, where I'd moved, come in here and sit down with me and work all the paperwork out so that she would be covered by insurance, because the nursing home, frankly, would've had me bankrupt in a year and a half. Now she's in the nursing home. I meet with Rep to go over some other things, and he said to me, "Clive," he said, "I want you to take this paper I have and go to the VA immediately."    I said, "Well, what's this all about, Rep?" He said, "It's called Aid and Attendance."   I'd never heard of it. So I take the paperwork in. Then, about the end of 18 months, I happen to go to the bank, and there was $15,200 in my checking account from the VA. About a week later, the VA sends me a letter of how much I'm going to be getting each month, tax-free.   I'd have never had that money if I hadn't gone to an attorney who knew what he was doing and how to do it. And that assistance was fantastic. Rep was there, and Rep took care of everything for me, but he also gave me something that probably was much more valuable than anything else. Rep recognized what I did, too - that maybe sometimes we can help other people.    As far as I'm concerned, Rep DeLoach has given me a whole new life.   

  • "There was always a comfort with the staff. They're very personable, they're very friendly...I've been treated with nothing but respect."

    Rose's Premises Liability Testimonial  (Transcript) I went to a function, sat in a chair, and the chair immediately collapsed when I sat down. And I went down. It affected mainly my left hip. I spoke to somebody after the situation. And I don't even remember who I spoke to. They recommended this office. And I'm glad I did what I did and handled it. It's been wonderful.   There was always a comfort with the staff. They're very personable, they're very friendly. That does calm people down. And it gave me a comfort zone. I ended up dealing with a lot of people in here, and I've always been treated with respect. Everybody that I've dealt with in here has been very professional, very friendly, very kind. And if I ask a question, they get right to the point. They don't do that beating around the bush response.   No question that I presented to anybody, I didn't get that look, that dumb look, "You mean, you're asking that?" Never got it. Always explained to my satisfaction. What you guys are doing, is doing good for people emotionally in getting them through. So thank you.   If I know anybody that has an issue, a civil matter, that needs to be reconciled, in a heartbeat, I will refer this place. In a heartbeat. I've been treated with nothing but respect.

  • "They helped me, financially, to set a plan was great to have them."

    Terry's Elder Care Navigation Testimonial  (Transcript) Well, when my brother became ill, he was at home for, oh, probably 13, 14 months, and I was trying to take care of him at home and realized that that just wasn't working out. I didn't know how to do that financially, because I knew that nursing homes are expensive, or can be expensive. So, since Rep handled my brother's will and the sale of my mother's home, and some other things for my brother, logical choice, come and see Rep. So, that's what I did. I met with him, and then, he kind of explained the process to me. And then, I met with Gloria. Then, I met with Tammy. They helped me, financially, to set a plan forward so that we went into assisted living. And then, when we needed more care, how the transition went into a nursing home and a nursing facility. And then, whenever I needed anything, I just called Gloria and she was right there. And then, she'd go right to Rep, and then, sometimes she'd call me or Rep would call me. And the financial part, Tammy helped me with so much, because he had, of course, social security, and he had a retirement plan, and he had a small condo. I just didn't know how to do all of that without her help. I just felt cared for, I guess is the word, because that's a hard path to follow, when you take someone you love and have to put them in a facility of some sort. And so it was great to have them. And that's a good feeling. When you have someone you love and you're caring for them, you want to feel you're doing the right thing for them, and they helped me do that.

  • "He’s just been wonderful, and the team's been association here has been like a family."

    Terry's Elder Law Testimonial  (Transcript) My brother was my sister's guardian, and after so many years, and then he started to become ill, he couldn't do it any longer. So, of course, I took over. And it was in 2005. So, because my brother had been working with Rep and had his will done here, and everything beforehand, and the sale of my parents' home and everything, it was a logical choice to come in. He is so compassionate. When I first came in dealing with my sister, he did not know me. He knew my brother, but didn't really know me. I came in, and he came right in and sat with me, and I explained our situation, that my sister's mentally ill, and has been for many years, and financially, we just didn't have the means. We just didn't know what to do for her. He directed me to Tammy, and then to Lori, and we took care of everything and we got her placed. First, we started in assisted living, group homes. Financially, she did not have any funds, and so he helped us to get her on Medicaid and Medicare, and however we can get her good health care, which we did. And I want to add this, the fact that we didn't have a lot of funds, and when we first came in, Rep said, "Don't worry about the fees. We'll do what we can do, and we go from there." It's just been that support, because there, again, you're dealing with someone you love, who's in a difficult situation. You want to have the best care for them, and financially, as well as good medical care. Sometimes, you don't know where to go to get that. And Rep was here, as well as Lori, and I appreciate that so much. He’s just been wonderful, and the team's been wonderful. And then, we went into my brother's illness and taking care of him. My association here has been like a family. They've cried with me, they've laughed with me. I couldn't ask for anything more than that.

  • "That was the smartest thing that we ever did...You have no idea how much stress and pressure just came off my shoulders."

    Richard's Elder Care Navigation Testimonial  (Transcript) My father, who had been living in a condo and everything else, had taken some falls and stuff. Anyway, he took a fall, and he was in the hospital. And then, eventually, after his stay in the hospital, he was sent down to Palm Garden, a rehab place.   When he got to the point where he wasn't going to be going home is when we started thinking, "Okay, well, then you know he's got a pretty good chunk of money. We'll keep him at Palm Garden." The bottom line was is that when the first bill came out and they wanted in excess of $11,000, I went, "Uh oh. Well, I mean, even that chunk of change that he's got isn't going to last very long based on what we have here." And talking with Peggy Fuller, I think her name was, at Palm Garden, she had given us your names or your firm's name basically as an elder law group. Based on what we were looking at, we were going to maybe look at the possibility of getting him on Medicaid.   That was the smartest thing that we ever get in line and get a chance to actually meet and talk with DeLoach and Hofstra. The first meeting that we had with Rep and Gloria and Mary Lou at the time, I told them at the end of the meeting, "You have no idea how much stress and pressure just came off my shoulders." Because my brother lives in Alabama, so Jim, as much as he wants to help, he's not there. And in talking with Rep, he had said that he had dealings before with Palm Garden and had nothing but good stuff to say about Palm Garden and all. Just knowing that I have that avenue and those types of people that are going to be communicating with me, again, makes things a whole lot nicer.   Dad not only is happy where he's at, but he enjoys the people. The people love him. It makes for a good situation. We couldn't have done it without Mary Lou's help, Rep's help, Gloria's help, and in general, the firm. Just knowing the type of personnel that's working here and the comradery and the family-like atmosphere, being able to recommend somebody to come in to this law firm and sit down with one of your lawyers or an associate or whatever, I know that they'd be getting the best care.   I definitely will recommend DeLoach and Hofstra.  

  • "I definitely wouldn't have been able to do it without the help of this firm."

    Raymond's Probate Testimonial (Transcript) Back in 2014, I lost my significant other. She didn't leave a will or anything, so we had to do that through probate. Then we had to get a hold of her living children and have them sign a document, letting me take care of the estate and get everything around. It took about six to nine months maybe, from start to finish, which is a very long process, but it takes time in the court system.   You guys did all the leg work with going to the courts, and knowing what papers to file, and typing up everything for the children to sign, which are from another state quite a ways from here. We just needed to come in, go over it, and sign. Makes it a lot easier. You're very helpful, close by, and keep it in the community.   I definitely wouldn't have been able to do without the help of this firm. So yes, I would highly recommend DeLoach and Hofstra.

  • "You guys treated her very that made it easy on her."

    Raymond's Trust Administration Testimonial (Transcript) Kathy, my significant other, was in charge of her mother's estate and everything, and if something happened to her, and then Kathy passed ahead of her mother. So, I then brought her mother over here, so she can get the trust and the estate redone so it'd be up-to-date. You guys treated her very nicely and it didn't take hours and hours at times, so that made it easy on her.   And then recently she passed away, last November, so I came back to get the the stuff rolling on her estate. Becky D. is very, very helpful and she did get back to me all the time, and she called me different questions, and needs, and stuff. "What do we need to do to get this and that.," she knew what to ask for. I was treated very well with Kathy, when I was taking care of her estate, and so that's why I came right back. Because one of those things I was going to talk to Becky about was the house I have. What I need to do to make sure it gets to the right person?   I definitely wouldn't have been able to do without the help of this firm.

  • "If it hadn't been for Christine and your gentleness and kindness that I received...I would have been insane!"

    Marian's Estate Planning Testimonial (Transcript) I saw in the paper that there was a work shop at DeLoach and Hofstra. So I thought ... I said to my niece, "Come with me. Let's just go and see what it's about." So we came and Rep was there and he was wonderful. So from then on I just came here and got my will changed to a trust. I met Christine, it was just her first year I think, 2017 and I've been happy ever since. My dear, I've been alone for 10 years. I don't know how I did it. My husband did everything. I did not have any clue about any money, bills, accounts, nothing. So when he passed we just did what we had to do. And when I came here I was frustrated and scared to death. It was the biggest decision I ever made alone. And it became so easy. Really. I must say, if it hadn't been for Christine and your gentleness and kindness that I've received, I would have been insane. I know I can call her, I can call here anytime. And like I said, they know the answer right away. They seem to have my papers right there. So they're very prepared to take care of us. She takes her time, listens and she answers right away, no matter what it is. Her thoroughness and her knowledge, she's excellent. And personally, she's a very good person. Very, very good, kind person. And I've sent a lot of my friends here already. I have told them about you and Christine. And the receptionists are marvelous. You know, its these little things that means so much that people overlook. It's just a gentle little hi, or smile, or cup of coffee you know? They make you feel so comfortable. Yeah. I would tell anybody to join this firm, yes.  

  • "I felt that they truly were there invested in me at the time. I was important to them."

    Eva's Estate Planning Testimonial (Transcript) I think that Monica referred me to Christine, and of course I learned about her because the law firm provides that service as well. I don’t really have an estate but I didn’t have a last will and testament either so I thought I should be more responsible. What happens when I’m not longer here? But she made a very, very good impression on me, very, very informative. Very patient and transparent as well. And I was appreciative that she explained everything to me, took the time to answer my questions to customize to my needs.  And that’s one thing I think that’s very, very important that she would customize their services and the goal for my needs. But it takes an insane amount of professionalism to be able to handle that. To make the right decisions and I think that was very, very valuable.  So that was so important that she was accessible and explained everything. And Best of course as well, she had the patience and through the time I didn’t feel like I was pressured, not “time’s up!” And that to me basically it’s very, very important that I can ask questions, and re-ask the questions and no matter what she’s accessible and I can call her. Again, I felt very, very comfortable. I felt they truly were there invested in me at that time. I was important to them. My needs were important. And they did their best to inform me to the best of their ability, and that made me feel very valued. To me that speaks priceless volumes. Everything was taken care of and put together and presented to me. I think they did a wonderful job. I could not have been more impressed by that.

  • "Here I found from the very beginning transparency, honesty, that you are there to do what is right no matter what."

    Eva's Car Crash Testimonial (Transcript) The first collision occurred in November, the day before Thanksgiving in 2018 and then the second one occurred June 25th of 2019. And the way that I learned about the existence of the firm, that I even considered asking for help, is one of my friends from church. I go to Bay Pine Lutheran and she used to work here, Jill Iacopelli. That's how I was referred because someone knew someone who actually even worked here. And so of course after I had my very first conversation with Monica, she was my very first contact, official contact. She made a very good impression with her openness, her honesty and I could tell her sincerity and genuine care. And she basically explained everything to me and I felt very, very comfortable. I had a very good first impression. And the same thing with Jenny. I could talk with her and ask questions and I felt very at ease about that to be very open with her, so I felt very valued. And I feel that she was very, very accessible. Professional but not intimidating. And as far as Paul’s concerned when I finally met him, and he was so very kind and he went up online and I learned he was very accessible as he promised me that he would be over email.   Hiring an attorney or counsel, legal counsel, it's scary just because it's a lot of money and you have to make sure that you are hopefully hiring the right firm. Here I found from the very beginning transparency, honesty, that you are there to do what is right no matter what. And that, to me, that integrity and doing what is right is obviously what really matters. Because words are words, but their actions through and through prove that they truly are doing what is right. And you don’t find that very often nowadays. And I would definitely recommend your offices just because you are always reachable and the information you provide, it’s very comprehensive and it's very, very helpful. And just very, very honest. So I feel that I am comfortable asking questions, and so I feel like a valued guest of their firm.

  • "All those doubts were taken away after one day with your family... I have never felt so secure in a business environment in my sixty-eight years of life."

    Walter's Car Crash Testimonial (Transcript) Walter: I had just left a client's home and I was heading west on Belleair Road and a car was coming at me at a high rate of speed. It had just run the stop sign. The officer said it was probably going 60 miles an hour. I was pushed up off of the street into the front of a business and her car just kind of veered off and it was ripped pretty much, the whole front end ripped off of it. I was able to get my door pried open and I went over and checked on her and she had two small children in the back seat and we got her out of the car and got her on the porch. Donna: When you have an accident, you think if I'm walking and I'm talking that everything's okay.  And at first you don't notice that things aren't okay. Walter: I had a herniated disc, two bulging discs, two of my ribs had broke off at the spine. Donna: And so Meni had said, "Well, you don't know the long-term effect of this. You really should make sure that you're taken care of." Walter: My very best friend who is a retired attorney, Meni Kanner. I had called him about another issue and said, "By the way, I had an accident." And he said, "Walter," he said, "You need to call DeLoach and Hofstra." I said, "I just had a closing over there." I said, "I've known that family Meni since the '80s." He said, "Well, you need to go to them and explain what has happened.” The minute I hung up, I had called your firm and was reassured everything he told me and I made an appointment and came in and, oh my goodness, it overwhelmed me. The detail that they go to for every specific minute item and half of it I wouldn't have even thought about. But when I walked out of there, I felt like I had protective iron around me. And all of those doubts were taken away after one day with your family. And it was so easy to get ahold of Paul. Bang. One phone call, there's Paul. He would answer difficult questions and he kept me focused for that year and a half. And then each time we corresponded, it was always that same warmth, brilliance, and understanding from your office. I feel that I have made friends for life, and I'm positive of that, that I could call on them any time for any question and they would give me a very correct, intelligent answer. I'm certain. I never felt so secure in any business environment in my sixty-eight years of life.  

  • "Rep, everybody else, has treated me tremendously. When I would call in, my messages, whoever I need, they call back right away and everything. I feel so lucky, so lucky that I chose this firm."

    Heather's Medicaid Testimonial (Transcript) I initially came in for... to find out if I could get my husband qualified for Medicaid, because when I came to the seminar, let me think now, when I came to the seminar I think he was already in Wrights nursing home and I realized then that he couldn't come home, but nurses, there were nurses that were telling me that he had three months to live so I thought, maybe I should just leave him where he is and that will be it, you know. But of course so then I would of had to pay full private pay for whatever amount of time it was, and it was one of my sisters who encouraged me, why don't you go just find out, just find out. So we went to the seminar first, the one on Medicaid eligibility and I actually went to that one myself, she wasn't here. At that seminar I felt that there was a possibility of getting him approved. So then we went, she came with me to the consultation and of course they had me bring a big stack of papers and everything, and it was during that session that Rep looked at me and said, "This is an easy one." He says, "I can get Joel qualified for Medicaid in about a month." I thought I would die. I thought I would just fall off my chair, because I really wasn't 100% certain that it could happen, you know. But he said yes, I believed him and he made it happen. Mary Lou of course answers a gazillion questions that I have and if I need something or whatever, she helps me out with that. So once we did that then Rep said well I'm going to send you to this lawyer in St. Pete who does... you got to talk to him about spousal support. I said I don't know what you're talking about. He says, well he does this thing where based on certain information, a judge might award you your husbands income. I never heard of it, in fact he said most lawyers have never even heard of it. So I imagine there are probably not that many lawyers in the area that are even doing it. And when we got the notification that he was eligible, I just wanted to cry, because now it's closing in on a year and a half that he's in a nursing home. Rep, everybody else, has treated me tremendously. When I would call in, my messages, whoever I need, they call back right away and everything. I feel so lucky, so lucky that I chose this firm. I'm not just a number on the calendar. We'll just take care of this blah, blah, blah. Never a rush. I was made to feel always welcome and always that they cared about me and my situation. It's a good feeling to know that whatever I need related to Joe's situation that I will get the right advice, the right answers to questions and I just feel very happy and comfortable with them.

  • "I couldn't recommend anybody better than Rep. I firmly believe he's the best elder care lawyer that there is, in this area. There's no one else that you need to go to. You need to come here and let him assist you because he does know the ins and outs. He does care, he will go ahead and make sure that your wishes are carried out, he will listen. I've been through it with my mom and my dad. Now, I've done it for myself and I firmly believe that when it's time, my sister will be coming here for the same thing because it's so important. So many people need to do it that aren't doing it and this is the place to come."

    Ron's Estate Planning Testimonial (Transcript) Dad and I actually talked about what I needed to do, you know, as far as getting an estate plan set up. I got a little nephew and niece, very young. And decided that, what I needed to do and then I came in and talked to Rep about it, is to get an estate plan setup. I came in because I wanted to make sure that this thing was ironclad. Rep recommended that we do a trust and that way we could set up the trust, as far as what my wishes were, and I wanted it to be such that nobody could challenge it.  So, didn't really know anyone, really, that I trusted to be the trustee. Rep said he could be the trustee, and then if something were to happen to him, another law partner could be the trustee. I knew how important it was to have a trust and have estate planning because we had that for dad. So that when I pass away, just like when dad passed away, there was no probate. That condo went right into my name. He had it all taken care of for us.  Rep... you know I came in and talked to him first, and I explained to him what I was trying to do, and I wanted it set up, my estate set up with a trust, so that with my nephew and my niece, that it would be all settled. That my nephew would get half of the estate, my niece would get half of the estate. My nephew would get the Condo, similar to the way I got the Condo left to me.  I used my ace in the hole, so that I'm making sure that those kids are taken care of.  Rep explained everything to me. He had suggestions on how we should do it, things that I would have never thought of. I mean, mine was a little bit different than dads, but having that setup, having the estate setup like that, and having the Condo set up the way we've done, just... at the time that you lose someone, you're not thinking good. When my dad and mom passed away, I wasn't in too good a shape. Not for a long time. The worse thing to do is try to make business decisions right after you've lost your loved one. So why not go ahead and have that all set up ahead of time?  You need someone that understands the law, you need someone that cares. If you don't have someone that cares, no telling what you're gonna get. I couldn't recommend anybody better than Rep. I firmly believe he's the best elder care lawyer that there is, in this area. There's no one else that you need to go to. You need to come here and let him assist you because he does know the ins and outs. He does care, he will go ahead and make sure that your wishes are carried out, he will listen. I've been through it with my mom and my dad. Now, I've done it for myself and I firmly believe that when it's time, my sister will be coming here for the same thing because it's so important. So many people need to do it that aren't doing it and this is the place to come.