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Have You Been Hurt on Someone Else's Property?

Property owners have a duty and responsibility to maintain their premises safe and secure from any hazards or dangers that might cause injury. If public areas are not properly maintained it could result in injury. Things like proper lighting, roof leaks, and stable floors can cause an injury resulting in the victim being unable to work temporarily or permanently.

If the property owner is experiencing problems such as a floor that is wet due to a leaky roof, they are responsible for alerting the public that the floor may be slippery. If you were injured and there was no warning of the property's bad condition, they may be liable.

It takes a skilled, experienced lawyer with significant resources available to conduct a thorough investigation to obtain the needed information to successfully resolve a Florida premises liability case.

Premises Liability Attorneys On Your Side

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Premises Liability: Your First Actions

  1. Report the incident immediately so a formal report can be made.
  2. Get the names, addresses and phone numbers of all witnesses.
  3. Preserve all available evidence by taking photos, if possible, of the scene and any visible injury you have.
  4. Get immediate medical treatment.
  5. Seek the advice an attorney.

Until We Deliver Results You Pay Nothing

If you have been hurt on someone else's Florida property due to their premises liability you may be wondering how to deal with the time off of work and health care costs that have resulted. If you would like to speak to an experienced Tampa Bay area premises liability attorney to see if you may be eligible for financial compensation, contact DeLoach, Hofstra & Cavonis today. You should know that when you work with us you are not responsible for any of our fees or costs unless there is a recovery. We pay all of the initial costs necessary to doggedly pursue your claim. Get help today by calling 727-397-5571 to contact a Florida premises liability attorney in the Tampa Bay area.

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