Seminole Car Accident sceneMore than three million people are injured and nearly 50,000 are killed in the United States every year in car accidents. If you drive or ride in a car, there is a near statistical certainty that you will be involved in a car accident at some time in your life. Car accidents can be devastating - sometimes deadly.

If you have been involved in a car accident, hopefully you've walked away free from harm. But even in the most minor of Florida car accidents, some degree of injury, such as whiplash
or minor cuts and bruises, can occur.

All too often though, head, neck, back injuries, as well as injury to internal organs and limbs happen. You may not even notice until you get to your destination because an “adrenaline rush” effect can happen immediately after a car accident which may mask your injuries. Yet unless you get immediate assistance to evaluate even hidden injuries, you are at risk of compromising your ability to make future claims. DeLoach, Hofstra & Cavonis will guide you through making the right legal decisions at this traumatic time.

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Most Serious Car Accident Injuries Are Preventable

Alcohol is a contributing factor in about 40% of fatal traffic accidents. Drugs - both illegal and prescription - account for some others. Improper use of seatbelts contributes to more than 60% of fatalities. Distractions, such as cell phones, are an increasing cause of car accidents and resulting injuries. If you have been the victim of another person's poor driving decisions, aggressive legal representation by our attorneys will help you get justice.

Our Attorney Will Handle All Aspects of Your Case

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident, we would like to help you. It is important that you get expert advice as soon as possible following an accident. Prompt investigations and preservation of evidence may be critical to the success of your auto accident claim. We will handle everything for you, eliminating the hassles associated with the legal and insurance aspects of your car accident case, including:

  • Medical Treatment
  • Rehabilitative Care
  • Future Lost Income
  • Lost Wages From Missed Work
  • Property Damage
  • Pain And Suffering
  • Emotional Trauma

What to Do Immediately After Your Car Accident

  1. Call the police so a formal report can be made.
  2. Get all available information from the drivers involved and all witnesses. This includes names, addresses and phone numbers, license plate numbers, the year, make and model of the vehicles involved, and insurance information. Don't assume the police officer writing the report will identify all the witnesses.
  3. Take pictures of the scene, the vehicles, and any visible injury you have. The camera on a mobile phone typically works great for this.
  4. Do not speak with anyone other than the Florida police officer investigating the accident about how the accident happened. Do not admit guilt or innocence on your part. Your statements to the police officer are not admissible in Court. However, your statements to others at the scene are.
  5. Seek the advice of a Florida car accident attorney.

Benefits of Working With Our Seminole Car Accident Lawyer

If you are injured in a Florida car accident, you need to seek the advice and counsel of an experienced car accident lawyer. You may be approached by insurance companies pushing you to sign agreements. In some cases, an insurance adjuster may rush you to sign an agreement. Don't sign anything or give any recorded statement until you've spoken to an attorney. By working with an experienced Florida car accident attorney, you can receive the maximum damages possible. Benefits and highlights of working with our Seminole car accident attorney include:

  • Extensive experience with accident investigations
  • You get paid before we get paid
  • Thousands of injury cases successfully settled
  • Evening & weekend appointments
  • Personal attention
  • Free phone, Email, or home consultation
  • Available for consultations 24/7
  • Millions of dollars won for our clients
  • Substantial resources available
  • Very high success rate

Seminole car accident lawyer Paul Cavonis

Other Types of Vehicle Accidents We Handle

  • Truck Accidents. Because of their size, increased stopping distances and decreased maneuverability, trucks pose increased risks to motorists. Unfortunately, trucking accidents often result in severe injuries or death.
  • Pedestrian Accidents. Due to poor roadway design and inattentive drivers, many accidents occur, taking the lives of hundreds of thousands of Florida pedestrians each year.
  • DUI Accidents. All auto accidents are traumatic, but they are even more so when they involved a drunk driver.  Punitive damages may be recovered for all injured parties in DUI cases.
  • Motorcycle Accidents. Due to the beautiful weather in Florida, motorcycle riding is very popular. Unfortunately, that means that we have more than our fair share of motorcycle accidents.
  • ATV and Personal Watercraft Accidents. ATVs, boats, jet skis, side by sides, and other powersport vehicles are prevalent in Florida. Just because you weren't in a car doesn't mean you aren't eligible for compensation for your injuries.

You Get Paid or We Don't Get Compensated

If you've sustained injuries in a Seminole or Pinellas County car accident, you may be anxious and worried about the added expenses such as medical care and you may not be able to work. The last thing you need is the additional expense of an attorney. When you choose DeLoach, Hofstra & Cavonis, P. A. you can relax because you are not responsible for any of our fees or costs unless there is a recovery. We will advance all of the costs necessary to aggressively pursue your claim. We will never ask you to pay any of these costs out of your own pocket. So you can relax and focus on your healing and let us do all the work. Contact Paul Cavonis our Florida car accident lawyer, day or night, at 727-397-5571 for a free consultation.