At DeLoach, Hofstra & Cavonis we work with businesses and investors in purchasing and developing property of all kinds. We have helped develop large and small scale condominium projects, apartment properties and commercial office and industrial locations. We have years of experience in commercial real estate and fully understand the rules and laws that pertain to this type of transaction. Our goal is to help work through all of the issues to prevent any future problems. However, sometimes real estate issues arise. If that happens, we are fully prepared to represent you to protect your assets.

Commercial real estate law can complicate every level of real estate contracts, so be sure to have a great commercial real estate attorney.

Avoid Leasing Problems Before They Happen

At DeLoach, Hofstra & Cavonis we have years of experience in real estate law and fully understand the laws that landlords and tenants face while leasing. We can help work through any issues that arise as well as work to help prevent future problems.

Get the guidance you need to successfully complete even the most complex commercial real estate transactions.

Complex Commercial Real Estate Transactions Guidance

We provide comprehensive commercial real estate legal guidance for all types of property concerns including 1031 exchanges. From shopping centers to condominium complexes, we can guide you through every step of the process.

Whenever you're transferring a commercial real estate title, be sure to get the legal help necessary to do it right and avoid any problems.

Title Transfers Done Right

We represent buyers, sellers and developers transferring title for condominium developments, townhouse developments, single-family dwellings, business developments, and subdivision developments. Mr. Hofstra and Mr. DeLoach Jr. also own and operate Seminole Title Company and, through them, we can obtain Title Insurance for your real estate transactions.

Businesses in Seminole need to have the best commercial real estate litigation representation in Pinellas county.

Aggressive Litigation Representation

If you face a legal issue, we can provide aggressive, spirited representation in complex commercial litigation and construction litigation for contract disputes, construction defects and mechanic's lien issues.

Avoid Problems With An Experienced Commercial Real Estate Attorney

Commercial real estate requires an extensive investment of money, resources and time. We know that when you need an attorney for real estate transactions you want attorneys who have experience handling complex commercial transactions who know how to protect your interests and avoid the risk of any future potential disputes. That is our thinking too. We have the experience and knowledge you are seeking.

Affordable Legal Real Estate Assistance

Commercial real estate owners fully understand how critical it is to have the real estate transactions go smoothly. They also understand that a little time and money spent at the beginning can potentially save a lot of money and time later. At DeLoach, Hofstra & Cavonis we offer affordable legal assistance for your commercial real estate needs so that you can focus on your project and not worry about the transaction. Speak with a commercial real estate attorney today by calling (727) 397-5571.