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Who is the Green Team? 

The Green Team welcomes anyone in our DHC/STC community (staff, clients, friends, and family) interested in promoting environmental consciousness and efficiency in both the workplace and at home. Your level of involvement is entirely up to you, whether you prefer to attend office luncheons with guest speakers or get your hands dirty by joining a beach clean-up. We value your input, so please let us know if you have any ideas on how we can become even greener. 


What's New: It's Electric!rep

It’s electric (boogie, woogie, woogie)! As part of our Going Green initiatives, the firm recently replaced our gas-powered company van with a new, all-electric Ford E-Transit for office runs, community events, and more. In addition to environmental benefits such as zero tailpipe emissions, this powerful vehicle requires far less maintenance. We also installed two new electric vehicle (EV) charging stations that may be used, when available, by law firm clients and title company customers while at appointments or closings. Simply check with the receptionists. A second charger is reserved for longtime electric vehicle champion attorney Rep DeLoach. Thanks to attorney (and construction professional) Paul Cavonis for pouring the concrete and installing both chargers!

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What's Next: 2023-2024

Based on feedback from our office, we have identified nine key areas of engagement for the upcoming year:
  1. Waste Reduction & Recycling: We plan to revamp the waste reduction and recycling program by introducing new receptacles to make it easier for all staff to participate. Useful links:
    1. local recycling guidelines   
    2. City of St. Petersburg: Road to Zero Waste 
    3. TerraCycle: Cigarette Waste
  2. Paperless Practices: Encouraging knowledge sharing between practice areas and departments to promote paperless practices, reducing our environmental footprint.
  3. Donations: Continuing our efforts to donate unclaimed items to Fluff Animal Rescue through our "Donation Station" program.
  4. Composting: Reviving our composting program 
  5. Energy Conservation: Continuing to identify and implement energy-saving practices throughout the office.
  6. Sustainable event planning: Promoting the use of eco-friendly products for off-site and large in-house events. For instance, we recently used bamboo plates and serving ware at our Open House and strive to use real plates, silverware, and glasses for in-house luncheons and smaller events.
  7. Guest Speakers: Organizing Green Team sponsored "Lunch & Learns" featuring guest speakers to educate and inspire our community.
  8. Florida-Friendly and Native Plants Landscaping: Promoting the use of Florida-Friendly landscapes, including Florida native plants, that require less water, fertilizer, and pesticides while providing habitats for wildlife and reducing pollution. To learn more: 
    1. University Florida IFAS Extension - Pinellas County
    2.  Florida Native Plant Society
  9. Environmental Volunteer Opportunities & Events: Researching and collaborating with local environmental groups to participate in volunteer opportunities and events such as: 
    1. Green Thumb Festival (every year in April)
    2. Environmental Events on Eventbrite
    3. Tampa Bay Watch Volunteer Events
    4. Keep Pinellas Beautiful
    5. Booker Creek Preserve
    6. Florida Botanical Gardens

      The DHC/STC Green Team is committed to driving positive environmental change within our organization and the broader community. We can build a greener, more sustainable future for everyone involved. Join us in our journey towards a more environmentally conscious workplace and home!
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