When a manufacturer, corporation, or individual offers a product or service that is harmful, thousands of people can be injured or killed. Cases with defective drugs or other products are in the media nearly every day. If you have been injured or a loved one has died as a result of this type of negligence, you may be able to join a class action case.

In Florida class action or mass tort cases, the same attorney represents all of the injured parties. By grouping together, plaintiffs save both time and money compared to litigating your case independently. Mass tort and Class action claims in Pinellas, Belleair Beach, Clearwater, or anywhere in the Tampa Bay area take extensive resources as well as a significant amount of time to pursue.  If you believe you have been a victim of a product or service that has the potential to be damaging to many more Floridians or elsewhere in the United States, contact our class action lawyers at 727-397-5571. We'll be happy to review your case at no charge to you.

The DeLoach, Hofstra & Cavonis Florida class action law firm in the Seminole, Tampa Bay, Pasco and Hillsborough area will help you make large corporations pay what they deserve.

Finance Mass Torts

Predatory lending suits and securities fraud cases are often the subject of Florida class action and mass tort cases. A recent example of this would be the case against Bernie Mad off. Victims of financial fraud or misconduct frequently seek not only financial compensation, but also a change of rules or practices to protect the interests of future customers.

A Florida multi party environmental lawsuit requires a Pinellas class action attorney who will make sure all of the details are taken care of.

Environment Class Actions

Issues such as pollution, maintaining clean water and other environmental issues typically affect a large number of people. Florida property owners have frequently filed suit against companies charging they contaminate their property, which resulted in a decrease of property value. These types of cases not only seek financial compensation, but also a change in the way companies treat hazardous chemicals to avoid further polluting the environment.

A group of employees who have had an employer create a unfair or hostile workplace need an experienced employment attorney and Florida class action lawyer.

Employment Class Action Lawsuits

Class action and mass tort issues can also happen when a group of employees come together and file an action against their employer. Common types of employment lawsuits in Florida are sexual harassment, hostile work place, discriminatory hiring or wages.

Drug companies are required to make sure their drugs are safe. When a drug is dangerous or defective you need an experience Pinellas class action law firm in Florida.

Dangerous or Ineffective Drugs Suits

Dangerous or ineffective drugs are among the most common class action lawsuits in Florida. This is because drug and pharmaceutical problems impact large numbers of people. Some of the class action lawsuits in the media recently include Accutane, Actos, vaginal slings, and other hormone replacement therapy drugs. Defective drug class action lawsuits not only compensate people who were injured, they encourage pharmaceutical companies to adopt better testing procedures and safer products.

A Florida class action lawsuit is necessary whenever medical equipment is faulty, dangerous or ineffective and causes injuries, death, or other horrible consequences.

Ineffective or Dangerous Medical Equipment

Medical equipment that is ineffective or cause injuries often result in many Florida class action or mass tort lawsuits. When medical equipment fails, it can have devastating consequences to thousands of people. Recent cases of medical device failure include the Nuva Ring contraceptive and metal-on-metal hip and knee implants.