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Florida law is always changing and legal topics can easily become complex. Here, our legal team offers helpful blog posts to share the relevant information that will help you understand the law and recent changes that may affect you or your loved ones. 

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  • Our Brush with George H.W. Bush As our nation mourns the death of George H.W. Bush, I was reminded of helping a client who served in his air squadron with him in WWII. As elder law attorneys, we never know who we are going to help.
  • How an Attorney Can Help Administer a Living Trust If you are successor trustee of a Florida living trust, you are a fiduciary with legal obligations and you may need help. Learn how to settle a trust with our estate attorneys.
  • My Newest Book on Florida Elder Law Get a free copy of our book on Florida Medicaid, long-term care and asset protection protection planning, written by Board Certified attorney Rep DeLoach, III
  • 2019 VA Pension Benefit Amounts For 2019, the VA has released the benefit amount for their Pension program, which includes aid and attendance. Pension is the best program for assisted living help.
  • Irrevocable Trusts for VA Pension Benefits Learn more about Irrevocable Trusts for VA Pension Benefits. With the new 3 year VA benefits look-back period, you may want to create an irrevocable trust.
  • Whiskers at Work Our firm was greeted by homeless pets from SPCA Tampa Bay, a non-profit animal shelter, for cuddling and de-stressing during a program called Whiskers at Work.
  • New VA Pension Transfer Penalty The VA recently imposed a transfer penalty for pension benefits, which can help the needy pay for long-term care. Learn more about the aid and attendance transfer penalty with our law firm.
  • Join Our Team for the SPCA Tampa Bay Pet Walk Join our team for the SPCA Tampa Bay Pet Walk or help us raise much-needed funds to rescue, rehab, and re-home homeless animals in the Tampa Bay area.
  • Aretha Franklin had no Will or Trust Wow, Aretha Franklin did not even have a last will and testament or a living trust, which would have kept her estate matters private. How could a living trust helped her estate plan? Find our more from our Florida probate attorney
  • Changes to Long-Term Care Medicaid Retroactive Benefits Florida is currently looking to change retroactive long-term care Medicaid in the 2018 budget. Learn more about how this will effect your elder from our Pinellas County elder law attorneys.
  • What Happens if I die Without a Will? What happens if you die without a last will and testament in Florida? Learn more about dying "intestate", which is our Florida trust and probate attorneys.
  • Home Inspection Checklist If you are purchasing a home in Florida, the home should be inspected by using this checklist to avoid legal and maintenance issues.
  • A Death Close to Home With the recent passing of my mother-in-law, it made me think about what my clients experience with the death of their loved ones. As an estate planning attorney, I finally got to see things from this side of the fence.
  • Rep Speaks at the 4th Annual Caregivers Conference D. Rep DeLoach III presented at the Fourth Annual Caregivers Conference about the legal nightmare caregiving can be. Watch the presentation given in March of 2018 here!
  • Ways to Pay for the Nursing Home in Florida There are different ways to pay for a Florida nursing home. Medicaid, VA benefits, insurance can all help. Learn more about long-term asset planning from our elder law attorneys.
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