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I know the dangers faced by motorcyclists every day. I'm a lifelong motorcyclist and have faced them too. None of the hazards cause more injury and death than an improper left turn by an oncoming vehicle. Unfortunately, this all-too-common occurrence recently claimed the life of a vibrant young man who was not only loved by his family, but beloved by the community as well. "Peter" (his real name is confidential) was killed when a driver turned directly into the path of his motorcycle. Peter had no chance to react and was killed instantly. We were retained by Peter's family and our investigative team immediately went to work gathering evidence. Despite a claim by the other driver that Peter was speeding and caused the accident, our investigation revealed that the driver failed to yield the right-of way and was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the crash. We were able to obtain a $1,250,000 settlement (the maximum limits of insurance coverage available) for Peter's family. While no amount of money will ever ease the pain of Peter's death, we hope that the settlement brings some small measure of comfort to his family.


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