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Find Answers to Your Common Real Estate Questions

It’s natural to have many questions when it comes to property issues. Let our Florida real estate attorneys share some of their thoughts on the most common worries about local real estate. Their years of experience and knowledge of local law can help you decide how best to move forward to resolve your legal problem.

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  • Can My Real Estate Agent Guide Me Through Legal Real Estate Transactions While Buying or Selling My Home?

    The short answer is "maybe." Good real estate agents are knowledgeable of Florida real estate laws and customs and can guide you through simple real estate transactions. However, they are not lawyers and every real estate transaction involves complex legal documents, language and court filings. Real estate agents can advise about processes, home values, economic factors, etc., but they cannot give legal advice. If you experience or anticipate any legal issues, only a qualified real estate lawyer can give you the answers you need.

  • Why Do I Need a Real Estate Attorney?

    Buying or selling a home is typically the largest financial transaction you will ever make. Florida real estate transactions are complex and you may have important questions that affect your transaction that your real estate agent or mortgage lender is unequipped to answer. In order to have a fully iron-clad transaction, contact an experienced real estate lawyer.

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