Florida Spousal Income Diversion Calculation Worksheet

Nothing is easy with a Florida Medicaid application and having a spouse in the nursing home will be difficult both emotionally, legally and financially. If your spouse is in the nursing home, then how much of your income can you keep? Can you keep some of your spouse's income to pay your bills? Will you, the community spouse go broke?

This free handout and worksheet will help:

  • Explain spousal income rules;
  • Explain the calculation of the patient's responsibility;
  • Explain spousal income diversion rules; and
  • Most importantly, provide a worksheet for the family to calculate the spousal diversion!

It is our hope that this worksheet gives the family peace of mind knowing what the community spouse will be able to keep from an income perspective. Remember, the community spouse is allowed to have some $154,000 in countable assets (2024), so this will help explain the income side of things.

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