Medicaid approved stampWe created Precision Medicaid, LLC to do your facility’s long-term care Medicaid applications.  Outsourcing your Medicaid applications to our experts will save your facility time, money, expense and difficulties. We know that the nursing home business counts on quick Medicaid acceptance to help the bottom line, yet many Medicaid applications languish due to a number of potential issues. Some applications will even end with a denial in benefits, costing your company money for work already performed. Precision Medicaid, LLC is the solution to get your Medicaid applications done quickly and accurately.

Who Are We?

Precision Medicaid, LLC is owned by Rep DeLoach, a board certified elder law attorney specializing in Medicaid and Medicaid applications. Precision Medicaid employs highly trained and knowledgeable staff, including a former Department of Children and Families supervisor, to get your Medicaid applications done quickly and efficiently. We know the rules, the changes to the rules, and how to make things happen so that your facility’s Medicaid applications are accurately approved, your accounts payable are limited and you get paid as soon as possible.

What Does Precision Do?

We will meet with your patients and families that need Medicaid and do the applications timely and efficiently. In the event the applicant needs an attorney, we will be able to quickly react and work the applicant to continue the application process thoroughly and efficiently. We will help identify Medicaid applicants, triage them, and keep you informed of the application process.

Why Use Us?

Outsourcing your Medicaid applications to Precision provides the following benefits:

  • Recent changes to Medicaid got rid of the 90 day retroactivity period for Medicaid. This means you and your patients need someone who can apply for and attain Medicaid eligibility quickly. That is what we do!

  • Quick meetings with families to assess Medicaid viability

  • Excellent communication to the facility about the Medicaid application, patient’s responsibility, acceptance and more

  • Savings your business office time and money

  • Assurance that Medicaid is done quickly and efficiently with our experts who know Medicaid backwards and forwards

  • We have completed thousands of Medicaid applications without denials

  • Education and training for your staff on changes to the law and other issues

  • Supervision by Board Certified elder law attorney will help ensure that your facility is protected

What do we need from you?

  • Whenever a patient or their family is looking at Medicaid, you gather their initial information on the contact form we provide you and send it to us. You will also let them know a representative from Precision will call them to schedule a meeting to start the Medicaid application.

  • Meeting space at your facility, access to copy/fax machine

Next Steps:

  • Sign our agreement, which is cancellable at any time

  • We would meet with business office, social workers to discuss referrals, working together and keeping your staff happy knowing experts are here to help

  • We will keep your point person aware of all developments of the application

  • Sit back and relax, knowing your Medicaid applications will be taken care of


Please call us with any questions at 727-592-5494. We look forward to working with your team!


Contact info:

Precision Medicaid
8640 Seminole Boulevard
Seminole, Florida 33772

Phone: 727-592-5494
Fax: 727-393-5418

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