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We thank the countless attorneys, staff, families and community organizations have worked with over the past 45 years (1976-2021). We could never fully put into words how grateful we are for the experiences we have shared and look forward to creating more success stories with our clients in our next chapter in our new building. As we reflect back, we want to hear your story. Take us down memory lane with you! Please reach out to us and let us know your experience with our law firm--whether it was last year or 20 years ago--because once a client, always a client. Here's a recent client story:

Dr. Oliver speaking at groundbreaking ceremony
Dr. Olliver, Master of Ceremonies, DHC/STC Groundbreaking Ceremony on January 30, 2020

Congratulations on 45 years!  As long as I've lived in Seminole (since 1989!) I've known that the team at DeLoach, Hofstra & Cavonis P.A. / Seminole Title Company were gems in our community -- always involved and providing leadership in projects, activities and support to make the community better.  As I worked with the SPC Seminole Campus and the Seminole Chamber, the principals and staff were integrated into committees, Boards and other volunteer activities.

When it came time to expand, the decision was made to get creative and stay in the same location in the center of our community -- to continue and expand on their history of service.

Personally, I have been a proud and satisfied client of the firm, enjoying the commitment to quality work delivered in a friendly, family environment with top notch customer service.  We are so fortunate to have these fine organizations, always so generous with their time, talents and sponsorships, as cornerstones of our community.

Dr. James Olliver

Estate Planning Client and Community Leader







Attorney Rep DeLoach as a young student with sisters Julie and Susan
Attorney Rep DeLoach with sisters 
Julie (left) and Susan (right), 1992

I cleaned the office every weekend on Saturdays as Dad worked in the first building (8486 Seminole Boulevard). I always enjoyed checking to see what candy was available at the front reception desk! I used to vacuum, clean the bathroom, wipe down desks and tables with wood cleaner, and take out the trash. I would kill time by practicing typing. I remember when the office got new typewriters and the ribbon had the white out feature--wow! That was cool. I remember Dad always getting a snack from the 7-Eleven which consisted of 2 packs of cheese crackers and milk. There was the nicest manager that worked there for years.

When I was able to drive, I started doing the runner role daily after school (Seminole High School). I drove to from Seminole to St. Pete Beach daily. On occasion, I went to the Clearwater Court House. There was also the occasional filing to be done. The files were kept in the shed behind the first building which did not have any air conditioning! I also mowed the yard in the first building as needed. 
The annual Christmas party was always an enjoyable event. Of course, we were always wearing Georgia Bulldogs black and red. Go Dawgs!

Growing up, Dad taught us to be hard workers, love yardwork, be honest and treat everyone the same.  One very important DeLoach characteristic he taught us to always be on time. 

Congratulations!  I am excited for the law firm and the beautiful new building!

Julie Washburn, nee DeLoach

Eldest Daughter to Dennis R. DeLoach Jr.

Petaluma, California






Deby's Koozie Picture
Deby's Koozie Contest Entry with a
1937 Bugatti at the Guggenheim Museum
in Bilboa Spain, 2023

My association with Dennis DeLoach, Jr. goes back a long time - I am one of those ‘ONCE A CLIENT, ALWAYS A CLIENT’.   

In 1974, my husband, Hugh Lamont, purchased a commercial fishing vessel and Dennis reviewed the papers and helped Hugh on the purchase. From that time forward, DeLoach has been the only legal firm used in our family and your Firm has always been here for us.  When Hugh passed away in 2017,  Rep assisted me on legal documents and is currently my ‘go to’ person for everything. Fortunately, I have not needed any ‘go to’  assistance but for some time now, I have been thinking it would be a good idea to have Rep (and you, Simone) visit with me at my house to re-affirm how I want my affairs handled should I not be capable of doing it myself. Paperwork has all been signed off by Rep in 2018, but I thought it may be appropriate to have an onsite meeting where I want to remain until I die. Rep met my niece Ingrid in 2018 or 2019. Ingrid is my 2nd  ‘go to’ person listed on my estate planning and remains in that role, but I felt since Rep is the only personal representative I have in Florida, it would be helpful and put my mind at ease to schedule a meeting, so he remembers who I am. 

I reached out to Rep and advise if I am ‘on the right track’.  I have been practicing social distancing and wearing a mask everywhere for a year now and will receive my 2nd jab of vaccine at Publix/Madeira Beach on Apr 2. This may sound like an odd request from a client, but I’m getting older and want to make certain I am covering all bases for myself. I think ½-1 hour should do it, if even that long.

Thanks very much for reading. I would like to contribute this and ‘share my story for your 45th anniversay’ but cannot name just one good experience with your firm. All experiences have been favorites!   

Deby Weinstein

Estate Planning and Real Estate Client





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