David's Life Care Planing Testimonial (Transcript)

My niece needed a lawyer and found Rep and that, and it basically, my niece then directed me to Gloria and Rep to set up my will, and the other things like that.

Just having that explained in layman's terms, which is what Gloria and them first did when we went into the office and that, and then they laid out the paperwork on setting up different trusts so that I've got money to take care of me. I just have, it just helps ... Where the layman to try to do something like that it's just no way that they can do it on their own. 

Or, even if they go into a regular attorney, the regular attorneys don't really understand. Gloria has access to the different facilities like this one here that I'm at now. Where the one that I was at I had basically asked for a private room and one with a shower and that, and she knew which facilities had that, and she started looking for me to find one that had an open room.

It's like going from a Motel 6 to a Ramada Inn. There's just no comparison between the two. The food here is more like a restaurant, where the other one wasn't, and I've been so happy ever since I finally got in.

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