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Diane's Slip & Fall Testimonial

Diane's Slip & Fall Testimonial (Transcript)​

Diane: I went into an establishment and I fell and got hurt, and I did not want to get any help at that time because I had already been hurt previous to that. I went home and we waited a few days. And at that time, I didn't know really what to do because I waited a few days, but my arm was killing me and swelling. And so I thought, "Ron, I think we need to call an attorney." We made an appointment and he had seen us, I believe it was on a Monday or Tuesday after that.

The whole complete case has been done with Paul. He explained it to us. He said, "I will always be by your side. I will always answer all the questions that need to be answered. You are completely safe with me." And he did a lot of personal things with me, telling me things about his mom was a waitress. I used to be a waitress.

So the personality with him and me and his family life growing up and telling his stories with me made me feel so comfortable with him. And he told me and Ron, "You can call me on my personal phone anytime and I will answer it. If I don't get with you, I'll get right back with you." Paul is real on the other line. When he says he's going to call, he makes the appointment. It's him. It's not a paralegal. It's Paul. Everybody has been so pleasant. Not one time do you come in this office and not get a smile. You get a smile. You feel welcome. From Peggy, when it was time to talk to Peggy, from when it was medical, talking to the paralegal, which is Jennifer. Each person shared the experience with me right along the line.

It's the greatest team I've ever been with as far as an attorney, and I've dealt with other attorneys. And his personality and his staff, I would trust with anybody. And there were so many nights, not one time, two, three, four times a week I would sit down and watch Paul's website (videos) that you've created. Those site (videos) were so great for me to know what I'm going to be expecting from this law firm.

Ron: It was instructional about depositions and the other things that we were going through. And Paul took the time and used plain language and explained to us what to expect, what you can say, what you shouldn't say.

Diane: So it helped me with depositions. It helped me with what to say at the doctors. It helped me with everything. I had a case that was very unusual. I had two mediations. Because the first mediation, we couldn't get anything done because they were fighting. They didn't have the dates right. They didn't have the times right. They didn't have their documentation. Nothing they said was correct and Paul corrected it for them. He knew everything that was correct. You wouldn't believe it. And he knew it. It's like he studied. You know we go all to have an exam? This man went from page one to the end of the page.

Ron: He knew all about the case.

Diane: He knew all about my case. He was on top of it, the whole mediation. He came unglued. I said, "Wow, maybe we should go to trial." That guy just blossomed.

Ron: He was waiting for his turn to come in.

Diane: And he had his turn and he didn't stop. He was correct. They were wrong. He nailed it and I think that's why they settled out of court. I don't think, I know, because I think they were afraid for me to be in front of a jury. If somebody does get hurt in a slip and fall, I want them to know that there's hope. And Paul is the hope. And that's when I really want to let people know, is that you don't have to be in pain and suffering. You don't have to be alone. You're never alone when you find this firm. You've got a family.

What you all have created for people that need help in injury, slip and fall, motorcycles, whatever it may be, helped a whole lot. And when you're hurt bad, I suggest getting Paul Cavonis. He's the best.


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