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Jerry's Testimonial After Reading Rep's Estate Planning Book

We have used DeLoach, Hofstra & Cavonis for legal work, mostly real estate related with Peter Hofstra, since 2000, and we have been pleased with their work on our behalf.

When I received the latest Navigator, and saw that Rep had written a book on estate planning, I immediately ordered a copy. My career was in the CPA profession and then as the person in charge of a family office, so I was involved in estate planning for others often through the years. I know from experience, it should be done by someone who is up to date with all the areas - legal, tax, and other.

My reaction to Rep's book was that it was very well done - and very timely for us as we need some help with these matters, including our own estate planning update coming up.

Rep made it an easy read and the examples were great for illustrating the points. I highly recommend the book to those who need to start or update their estate plans and related documents.

And, from my experience - don't put it off!

Jerry S., Retired CPA


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