Eva's Car Crash Testimonial (Transcript)

The first collision occurred in November, the day before Thanksgiving in 2018 and then the second one occurred June 25th of 2019. And the way that I learned about the existence of the firm, that I even considered asking for help, is one of my friends from church. I go to Bay Pine Lutheran and she used to work here, Jill Iacopelli.

That's how I was referred because someone knew someone who actually even worked here. And so of course after I had my very first conversation with Monica, she was my very first contact, official contact. She made a very good impression with her openness, her honesty and I could tell her sincerity and genuine care. And she basically explained everything to me and I felt very, very comfortable. I had a very good first impression.

And the same thing with Jenny. I could talk with her and ask questions and I felt very at ease about that to be very open with her, so I felt very valued. And I feel that she was very, very accessible. Professional but not intimidating. And as far as Paul’s concerned when I finally met him, and he was so very kind and he went up online and I learned he was very accessible as he promised me that he would be over email.  

Hiring an attorney or counsel, legal counsel, it's scary just because it's a lot of money and you have to make sure that you are hopefully hiring the right firm. Here I found from the very beginning transparency, honesty, that you are there to do what is right no matter what. And that, to me, that integrity and doing what is right is obviously what really matters. Because words are words, but their actions through and through prove that they truly are doing what is right. And you don’t find that very often nowadays.

And I would definitely recommend your offices just because you are always reachable and the information you provide, it’s very comprehensive and it's very, very helpful. And just very, very honest. So I feel that I am comfortable asking questions, and so I feel like a valued guest of their firm.