Eva's Estate Planning Testimonial (Transcript)

I think that Monica referred me to Christine, and of course I learned about her because the law firm provides that service as well. I don’t really have an estate but I didn’t have a last will and testament either so I thought I should be more responsible. What happens when I’m not longer here?

But she made a very, very good impression on me, very, very informative. Very patient and transparent as well. And I was appreciative that she explained everything to me, took the time to answer my questions to customize to my needs.  And that’s one thing I think that’s very, very important that she would customize their services and the goal for my needs.

But it takes an insane amount of professionalism to be able to handle that. To make the right decisions and I think that was very, very valuable.  So that was so important that she was accessible and explained everything. And Best of course as well, she had the patience and through the time I didn’t feel like I was pressured, not “time’s up!”

And that to me basically it’s very, very important that I can ask questions, and re-ask the questions and no matter what she’s accessible and I can call her. Again, I felt very, very comfortable.

I felt they truly were there invested in me at that time. I was important to them. My needs were important. And they did their best to inform me to the best of their ability, and that made me feel very valued. To me that speaks priceless volumes.

Everything was taken care of and put together and presented to me. I think they did a wonderful job. I could not have been more impressed by that.