Felicita's Car Wreck Testimonial (Transcript)

Somebody hit me and I didn't get hardly anything. I went to the doctor, and they said, "Well, you have a doctor bill, $1,000 doctor bill." I'm like, "What?" I got hit innocent, and I'm going to have to come up with a $1,000? I can't afford that.

And I work across the street on Brookdale​. And whenever I go by, I see this firm. So I was like, "I have nothing to lose. Let me call." And I called and the lady was extra nice. And I came here and I spoke to Monica. And she's awesome. And then after, I spoke to Jennifer. She was sweet, helpful.

When you have to hire a lawyer or anything, you're really saying I'm going to put my life in this person's hands, and I don't know how they're going to work with it. So when I met him, I was like ... I asked Jennifer, I was like, "Who's that?" She goes, "That's your attorney." I was like, "Oh." I'm actually meeting people that are working on my case! 

And customer service is the most important thing when you're going for anything, especially when you're dealing with a lawyer. You want to be able to call them, explain what's happening, and what do I do now. The doctor's they put me to are close by. I didn't have to drive anywhere far. They sent me to a great therapist that really, really helped me.

The whole experience was perfect. And I've been through other lawyers because I've been into other accidents. They have nothing been like the way this company has but run me. So I love it, and I would do it again.