We have to find an attorney to help us with Dad. We're on the East Coast of Florida. My sisters are in New Jersey. I think we applied in either August or September. And by December, we knew if my dad was eligible for Medicaid. That was incredible because I heard nightmare stories where it could take a year. I wanted to make sure that we were getting the best care and the best group to help us with our father. So we knew from the start when we met you guys, when we talked to Rep and he went over all kinds of everything, when we had to sit down with him, he made us feel very comfortable, very at ease. He knew what he was talking about because I'm not in the area, and nor were my sisters. So we just all had that open communication.

The Zoom meeting made it really nice. He was warm-hearted, but he [Rep] knew exactly what we needed. When I told him exactly what was going on and what ... He said, "That's not a problem. We handle this. We know where you're coming from. This is what we're going to have to do." It was very ... He made things very easy, very simple.

If I sent an email, if it was on a Friday, they would let me know by Monday. But they would always reply ... If they didn't have the answer immediately, they replied to the email saying that we'll confirm or we'll talk to Rep and we'll get right back to you. The communication was amazing. They spoke to me in normal language. It wasn't the law. It was simple and straightforward and explained it to make it very easy for me to understand.

It's nice to know that you have somebody there for you, regardless of what happens. There's not enough words to really say what your firm has done for me and my family, as far as making this entire process seamless. They're true. They're human. It's not just a business. They make you feel like you're part of the family.