Heather's Elder Law Testimonial (Transcript)

One of the reasons I came to this law firm was because of Mr. Rep DeLoach. I met him when I was seeing a patient and he came to the assisted living facility, and helped the patient understand, through their dementia, forgetfulness, and helped them and their family work through the aspects of a living will and a personal property will, and was so kind and so patient. And I was impressed by his demeanor.

He was really good with the older folks, and explained everything very simply, made it easy, and really was advocating for them. And when you do not have a living will and you are connected to a ventilator and a feeding tube, and you're contracted and you have no quality of life, but it happens for many reasons, especially when there's family involved that are emotional, you wanna choose someone that has the ability to execute your living will.

Try to avoid those situations, be proactive. And I know that is what he's passionate about and trying to accomplish.

I raised some concerns with him about the family dynamics, and he took that into account and did what was absolutely in the best interest of his client.

Heather, Hospice Nurse