Heather's Medicaid Testimonial (Transcript)

I initially came in for... to find out if I could get my husband qualified for Medicaid, because when I came to the seminar, let me think now, when I came to the seminar I think he was already in Wrights nursing home and I realized then that he couldn't come home, but nurses, there were nurses that were telling me that he had three months to live so I thought, maybe I should just leave him where he is and that will be it, you know. But of course so then I would of had to pay full private pay for whatever amount of time it was, and it was one of my sisters who encouraged me, why don't you go just find out, just find out.

So we went to the seminar first, the one on Medicaid eligibility and I actually went to that one myself, she wasn't here. At that seminar I felt that there was a possibility of getting him approved. So then we went, she came with me to the consultation and of course they had me bring a big stack of papers and everything, and it was during that session that Rep looked at me and said, "This is an easy one." He says, "I can get Joel qualified for Medicaid in about a month." I thought I would die. I thought I would just fall off my chair, because I really wasn't 100% certain that it could happen, you know. But he said yes, I believed him and he made it happen.

Mary Lou of course answers a gazillion questions that I have and if I need something or whatever, she helps me out with that. So once we did that then Rep said well I'm going to send you to this lawyer in St. Pete who does... you got to talk to him about spousal support. I said I don't know what you're talking about. He says, well he does this thing where based on certain information, a judge might award you your husbands income. I never heard of it, in fact he said most lawyers have never even heard of it. So I imagine there are probably not that many lawyers in the area that are even doing it. And when we got the notification that he was eligible, I just wanted to cry, because now it's closing in on a year and a half that he's in a nursing home.

Rep, everybody else, has treated me tremendously. When I would call in, my messages, whoever I need, they call back right away and everything. I feel so lucky, so lucky that I chose this firm. I'm not just a number on the calendar. We'll just take care of this blah, blah, blah. Never a rush. I was made to feel always welcome and always that they cared about me and my situation. It's a good feeling to know that whatever I need related to Joe's situation that I will get the right advice, the right answers to questions and I just feel very happy and comfortable with them.