*Name withheld pursuant to a confidentiality settlement agreement. 

Testimonial (Transcript)

It was actually through another referral, they recommended the firm. And I had never even heard of Paul or this firm or anything. Being out-of-state I had absolutely no idea about any of this. So I called, and the rest has been history.
The lines of communication were always open, the availability was always there for me if I had any questions or anything, and they just walked with me through the entire process. I was just so taken aback, that it’s like, ‘Wow!’ These people are going the extra mile and they’re listening to what I’m saying, and trying to help me along, and they’re so kind and so respectful.
They made me feel like I was a person, and not just a case. I am a person behind all this, and I am dealing with sorrow, and tragedy, and confusion, and they just carried the ball. But I just felt that it was a very personal relationship that we developed through phone communications. They were very kind, very respectful.
I would definitely contact them if I needed help, or if I knew someone else needed help. As good as Paul Cavonis is, I wouldn’t hesitate in a heartbeat to use the firm.

That just worked out perfect for me.