Janie's Injury Law Video Testimonial (Transcript)

So, about three and half years ago, I tripped over a speed bump at Largo Mall and it's asphalt. So, as I was stepping off the curb and glanced up to see where my car was, I went flying forward. I hit my head on the concrete, and I fell kind of on this side. I broke a rib, I broke my wrist, I broke this finger. 

As a result, I went through seven months of physical therapy and my hand never did come back. As you can see, how you can stretch that and I can't stretch this one… Then of course, Mr. Cavonis, he's made many personal calls to me. I've met with him for mediation and many different appointments, so he's been great. Just has really worked hard.

I would just really recommend Mr. Cavonis to anybody who has any type of a problem and especially the slip and falls and any kind of accident. He's just very caring and he works really hard. He's very good at what he does… you're not just a number per se, you're a person and they seem to really care and they're very polite and very loving and all, so I really enjoyed it. And I really feel that he did a really great job for me and I just completely would recommend the firm.

Very nice people. Couldn't be better.