John and Pauline's Auto Accident Testimonial (Transcript)

In August of 2015 we were involved in an auto accident in Orlando. And a little bit scary at the time when it all happened, not quite sure what to expect. We didn't hesitate, we knew right where to go. We had heard of Mr. Cavonis and his team, just how thorough they were and just how attentive they were to our needs, answering the questions that we had. And we knew that we were in good hands.
One of the concerns that I had was being in another county, not in Pinellas county, how would we handle that? Would we have an attorney that would be willing to travel to whatever meetings we have? And without hesitation Mr. Cavonis was onboard, and he took great care of us. Monica and Jennifer, any time I called they were willing to answer any questions, and didn't really hang up the phone until they knew that I had a thorough understanding and a peace with the question that I'd asked.
So, I highly recommend them, and you won't be sorry. We have total confidence, total, total confidence in Mr. Cavonis and his team.
John and Pauline