John's Car Crash Testimonial (Transcript)

The accident took place on Thanksgiving Day. It'll be three years ago this past Thanksgiving. It was at 102nd and Seminole Boulevard. I was stopped at the stoplight. There was two cars in front of me and I was the third car. Coming south on Seminole, I never saw the person, hit me about a fourth way into the intersection. I went airborne a little bit, scooted me across the pavement, and then I was upside down in my SUV.

All I can say is thank God it was a heavy SUV. It was a Mercedes, or I wouldn't be talking to you here. The glass, all the airbags, all that, the biggest thing I got was a cut on my left arm and my back. That's the main thing. I turned black and blue all the way from my neck all the way down to my waist for about two months. But other than that, I got through it okay. 

Most people like me that haven't been in an accident, never had an accident, even though I'm familiar with lawyers and all that, you don't know exactly, if you will, what you're doing. Once you get connected like I did with your law firm, it's the way it was handled. The idea that they had a video to show me, to tell me what to do and not to do, because this is not my expertise. As a result, I, if you will, was very well briefed. I was told what to do, what not to do. I said I was well pleased with it. I thought it was very professional. 

Jennifer was the paralegal. From my point of view, I thought I was treated very professionally. I did not have a big claim, but I don't care how large it could have been. I was well pleased with the way it was handled. I was kept informed. They treated me like anybody would want to be treated. I have really nothing bad I can say about it at all. The kept me up to date on everything. I was well pleased with it. Very well.

Had I to do it over again or if I, thank God hopefully I won't have another accident, there'd be no place else to go. I would advise anybody to go. From my point of view, you're very professional. I said I was very well pleased. I'd recommend you to anyone.