Larry's Car Accident Testimonial (Transcript)

Back in June I was rear ended. I saw three children running across the road, so I had to come to an abrupt stop. I was sitting there a good two, three minutes, when all of a sudden, I was rear ended.

After the accident, I got out and made sure the other person was okay. He started complaining about why his airbag didn't go off, why I was sitting in the middle of the road. And I explained to him.

When paramedics, law enforcement were there, I refused service, because I felt okay. Later on, I found out that there was some damage done to my back, my lower back, and my neck. Since this accident, I haven't been able to partake in the things that I used to enjoy. I'm no longer a mechanic. I can't work on cars anymore… different events with my kids I can no longer do. I honestly expected this case to go on for a couple years, instead it was just a little over a year.

My wife and I and our kids were just recently evicted out of our home. We found another place, but were unable to come up with the money. And then I got the phone call yesterday that you guys had settled. You guys got me the money that we needed to get us into a home and start our family as one again, and it's the best feeling. I can't even explain. My prayers were answered, and if it wasn't for you guys, I wouldn't have this money right now.

And all I can say is thank you. Thank you so much.