Marian's Estate Planning Testimonial (Transcript)

I saw in the paper that there was a work shop at DeLoach and Hofstra. So I thought ... I said to my niece, "Come with me. Let's just go and see what it's about." So we came and Rep was there and he was wonderful. So from then on I just came here and got my will changed to a trust. I met Christine, it was just her first year I think, 2017 and I've been happy ever since.

My dear, I've been alone for 10 years. I don't know how I did it. My husband did everything. I did not have any clue about any money, bills, accounts, nothing. So when he passed we just did what we had to do. And when I came here I was frustrated and scared to death. It was the biggest decision I ever made alone. And it became so easy.

Really. I must say, if it hadn't been for Christine and your gentleness and kindness that I've received, I would have been insane. I know I can call her, I can call here anytime. And like I said, they know the answer right away. They seem to have my papers right there. So they're very prepared to take care of us. She takes her time, listens and she answers right away, no matter what it is. Her thoroughness and her knowledge, she's excellent. And personally, she's a very good person. Very, very good, kind person.

And I've sent a lot of my friends here already. I have told them about you and Christine. And the receptionists are marvelous. You know, its these little things that means so much that people overlook. It's just a gentle little hi, or smile, or cup of coffee you know? They make you feel so comfortable.

Yeah. I would tell anybody to join this firm, yes.