Raymond's Probate Testimonial (Transcript)

Back in 2014, I lost my significant other. She didn't leave a will or anything, so we had to do that through probate. Then we had to get a hold of her living children and have them sign a document, letting me take care of the estate and get everything around. It took about six to nine months maybe, from start to finish, which is a very long process, but it takes time in the court system.
You guys did all the leg work with going to the courts, and knowing what papers to file, and typing up everything for the children to sign, which are from another state quite a ways from here. We just needed to come in, go over it, and sign. Makes it a lot easier. You're very helpful, close by, and keep it in the community.
I definitely wouldn't have been able to do without the help of this firm. So yes, I would highly recommend DeLoach and Hofstra.