Raymond's Trust Administration Testimonial (Transcript)

Kathy, my significant other, was in charge of her mother's estate and everything, and if something happened to her, and then Kathy passed ahead of her mother. So, I then brought her mother over here, so she can get the trust and the estate redone so it'd be up-to-date. You guys treated her very nicely and it didn't take hours and hours at times, so that made it easy on her.
And then recently she passed away, last November, so I came back to get the the stuff rolling on her estate. Becky D. is very, very helpful and she did get back to me all the time, and she called me different questions, and needs, and stuff. "What do we need to do to get this and that.," she knew what to ask for. I was treated very well with Kathy, when I was taking care of her estate, and so that's why I came right back. Because one of those things I was going to talk to Becky about was the house I have. What I need to do to make sure it gets to the right person?
I definitely wouldn't have been able to do without the help of this firm.