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Richard's Car Accident Testimonial

Richard's Car Accident Testimonial (Transcript)

I’m sitting at the light, traffic was pretty heavy. I heard this bang, and I look in my rear-view mirror, and I grabbed the wheel because he was two or three cars back. I took my foot off my brake and I just turned my wheel. And he hit me and I turned right into the turn lane.
I mean I just bought that car for me to go back and forth to work. And I put two or three thousand dollars into it because I fixed it up. I still feel the injuries from it, and it goes with the backache too, because I’ve always had the backache.
I just thought reading between the lines then that I wasn’t going to get anything. And then I know for a fact if I hadn’t come out here I wouldn’t have gotten a penny. I wouldn’t have even gotten my car fixed probably.
Yeah, I’m real satisfied. Paul handled it. I just left it all up to him… I had a lot of faith in him. I just thought I should have what was coming to me, and Paul got that. Call Paul.