Richard's Slip & Fall Client Testimonial (Transcript)

My first slip and fall was in 1990 something, I don't remember quite… and Paul Cavonis, I came to see him, because he was in the neighborhood and had a good recommendation. It was a bad accident and he went to bat for me. Paul has also done two other slip and falls that I was in and just did a great job. He is very professional. The whole office is professional. I would recommend them to anybody, really.
As far as the real estate goes, any questions I have Peter takes care of it. Estate planning, I didn't know anything about it. My wife says we need to make a will. Rep takes care of my will, my trust, and all that estate planning and all that, like I ended up doing the estate and a trust and everything. Like I said, I've been going here since 1999 without a problem and Paul Cavonis has just settled another case for me, a matter of fact, a couple of weeks ago. It was a tough one, but he brought it through and I'm very satisfied.
So the office is an all-around good office for about everything you want and everything you need. Call them! They’re good, I recommend them… and I don’t recommend anybody unless they’re good.