Ron and Renee's Rear-End Car Wreck (Transcript)

Renee: So I was taking my children to school. We were stopped behind another vehicle, waiting on a school bus on the opposite side of the road to load kids from an apartment complex, and got hit from behind while we were stopped.

My seat back kind of collapsed. Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) estimated that he was going 40 miles an hour, so there were no brakes, no nothing, just slammed into the back of my car. At the time, I was very active. I was running and going to the gym. Because it's a lower back pain, that kind of stopped.

Ron: I called around to a couple of law firms, and I think maybe I spoke with Monica. And based off of that, I decided that this one seemed like the proper firm for us. Monica pretty much is on top of it from the very start.

Renee: Peggy also kept us well informed, and Jennifer's always been a great coordinator or things for us.

Ron: Pretty much the whole process we were kept informed. Monica let us know what was going on. Paul was great.

Renee: He's a great guy. He's very detailed oriented. He was amazing during the trial, he didn't miss a beat. Preparing us for trial was great. When I got up to testify, it was like I was sitting here in the office, talking with him in the office.

Ron: Every time he got up, you kind of felt relaxed because you knew it was going to go right.

Renee: Having somebody who can put you at ease, even if you're not going to go to trial, if you're just going to go to mediation or whatever, having somebody who can put you at ease from the beginning of the process to the end of whatever process it is, is great.

Ron: Now usually it's nerve-racking. You just didn't feel it with Paul. I enjoyed the days in court. Seriously. I was only up on the stand for maybe 15, 20 minutes, but it lasted two and a half, three days. I enjoyed those days in court.

He got up there. He's not a huge guy, and it was just him against a couple lawyers with the insurance company. And he just, he was like a giant out there. I mean it was like a Perry Mason moment, you know what I mean? I mean seriously.

Renee: It was almost like he could predict what they were going to say, so he had his response ready.

Ron: From his depositions to the medical witnesses to his cross-examinations to his closing, Paul just ran that courtroom. It was very impressive. He made it easy. He made a horrible process easy. I would definitely recommend him and this law firm.

Ron and Renee