Ron's Estate Planning Testimonial (Transcript)

Dad and I actually talked about what I needed to do, you know, as far as getting an estate plan set up. I got a little nephew and niece, very young. And decided that, what I needed to do and then I came in and talked to Rep about it, is to get an estate plan setup. I came in because I wanted to make sure that this thing was ironclad. Rep recommended that we do a trust and that way we could set up the trust, as far as what my wishes were, and I wanted it to be such that nobody could challenge it. 

So, didn't really know anyone, really, that I trusted to be the trustee. Rep said he could be the trustee, and then if something were to happen to him, another law partner could be the trustee. I knew how important it was to have a trust and have estate planning because we had that for dad. So that when I pass away, just like when dad passed away, there was no probate. That condo went right into my name. He had it all taken care of for us. 

Rep... you know I came in and talked to him first, and I explained to him what I was trying to do, and I wanted it set up, my estate set up with a trust, so that with my nephew and my niece, that it would be all settled. That my nephew would get half of the estate, my niece would get half of the estate. My nephew would get the Condo, similar to the way I got the Condo left to me.  I used my ace in the hole, so that I'm making sure that those kids are taken care of. 

Rep explained everything to me. He had suggestions on how we should do it, things that I would have never thought of. I mean, mine was a little bit different than dads, but having that setup, having the estate setup like that, and having the Condo set up the way we've done, just... at the time that you lose someone, you're not thinking good. When my dad and mom passed away, I wasn't in too good a shape. Not for a long time. The worse thing to do is try to make business decisions right after you've lost your loved one. So why not go ahead and have that all set up ahead of time? 

You need someone that understands the law, you need someone that cares. If you don't have someone that cares, no telling what you're gonna get. I couldn't recommend anybody better than Rep. I firmly believe he's the best elder care lawyer that there is, in this area. There's no one else that you need to go to. You need to come here and let him assist you because he does know the ins and outs. He does care, he will go ahead and make sure that your wishes are carried out, he will listen. I've been through it with my mom and my dad. Now, I've done it for myself and I firmly believe that when it's time, my sister will be coming here for the same thing because it's so important. So many people need to do it that aren't doing it and this is the place to come.