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Ron Shares About His Experience Working With Our Elder Care Team

"You know mom and dad, the year before we came here moved about five or six times because dad wasn’t happy with where we were living. I think we were just driving by and, I'll tell you, that was the best decision we ever made, especially for me because I was still working.

Ron with Elder Law Attorney Rep

We were about ready to sell the condo, and we found out if we would have dad would have lost his VA benefit. I mean, we were at the point where we found a buyer, and if we would have done that, it would have been a major mistake. We didn't even consider putting either mom or dad on Medicaid. We found out, yes, for mother, we could put her under Medicaid. There was a lot of things about the law we didn't know. Like Rep said, "It's the things you don't know that hurt you the most." 

I just wish we would had done it ten years before. We would have saved so much money by coming here and getting the kind of help we got. This firm is definitely more like a family. Especially Rep. I mean, I knew he really cared, and dad, once he met him, that was all he needed. 

Honestly, the normal person's not going to know. You need someone, like a Rep DeLoach, who knows the law. Because you as an individual… there’s no way you could. There’s just no way you could."

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