Ron’s Injury Law Video Testimonial (Transcript)

We're on West Bay and we get over into the right lane and it's slow because up ahead of us at the intersection is a school crossing guard and she stops people from turning because people are coming through the crosswalk. Well, as we approached that intersection, the person behind us tried to get over in the other lane and then realized she couldn't and tried to get back.

The only problem is we had to stop and they ran right into dad's scooter lift and dad immediately starting complaining about his shoulders and his leg. I said something to the driver's father. He said, "Is everybody okay?" I said, "Well, my dad's kind of complaining about his shoulder hurting." "Oh we didn't hit you that hard." And my comment was, "We're done. We're done having our conversation." and I walked away from him.

Later that night, dad calls up and let's me know he's still hurting. I say, "Dad, we need to you into the emergency room and have you checked out." We didn't do that until the next day, but that night I woke up at three o'clock. I thought I was fine. I woke up at three o'clock in agony. I was hurting, and I forget what it was. We came to DeLoach, Hofstra, a few days after that for something and when I came in, of course I was kind of humped over, and I forget who it was. One of the DeLoach people says, “Ron what's wrong?” I said we got rear ended, I said I'm just a little sore. “You need to talk to Paul!” and got me right in.

I explained to him what went on, and genuinely the same thing I mean he was very concerned about me. He wanted to know if I gotten medical attention yet, and I said no. He said “You know you've only got 14 days.” I didn't know anything about any 14 days, if I hadn't come in that day I probably would never of done anything with it. That would of been a mistake.

We sat down with Paul and he explained that he was gonna handle this, and that it would be for the long term. We went to the insurance company, the other person's insurance company, and they asked for his maximum liability and their response was we'll pay it. They didn't try to negotiate, they didn't try to do anything. I'm sure part of it, what it was, I'm sure Paul probably would of liked to gone to court.

When we had that accident you're not thinking about anything else, but you're hurting. You better be thinking about something else, you better be getting treatment and get yourself represented. Because no one's gonna look after you but yourself and DeLoach and Hofstra if you have them as your attorney you got no worries.

I hope I never have another accident, but if I ever had another accident where the other driver was at fault, I wouldn't think twice. I'd be around the doorstep right away.