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Ron Shares About His Experience Working With Our Injury Law Team

"So, when Dad and I, we were heading to the grocery store on West Bay, and we were getting ready to turn. There was a school crossing across the road, so we stopped. The person behind us decided to go around us, and when they saw they couldn't, they came back into the lane and they hit the car. And we got out of the car, and the driver's father says, "Is everybody okay?" I said, "My dad's complained about his shoulder." My dad, at that time, was 85 years old. That remark, I said, "You know what? We're done talking." I said, “I’ll let the insurance company handle this.” The thing we didn't realize is that you have 14 days. Fourteen days to seek treatment. And you know Paul, he was on it. 

With all the tests we had, MRI, and all that stuff, found out it was worse than we thought. They didn't even try to negotiate. They just agreed to it. I'm sure it was the communication that Paul gave to them.  Everybody stayed in touch with me every step of the way. The communication was excellent. The caring was excellent.  Believe me, if you're looking for a lawyer, that's what you need. You're not going to be yourself, and you need someone that's going to be looking after your interests. And Paul Cavonis did."

Our client Ron and the Elder Law Team at DeLoach, Hofstra & Cavonis

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