Sean had just finished working out at the gym and was driving his beloved Stella to the dog park. Stella is more than just a yellow Labrador. She’s family.

They were sitting at the light on Tyrone Boulevard at 66th Street. The light turned green. Before Sean took his foot off the brake, they were hit hard from behind.

The impact threw Stella into the back of Sean’s seat. His back already injured, Sean instinctively turned to see if Stella was alright and further injured himself.

“I was more concerned with her than anything at that point,” recalled Sean.

Sean’s employer referred him to DeLoach, Hofstra & Cavonis, P.A. and recommended he speak with attorney Paul Cavonis. Sean’s employer was familiar with the law firm from his involvement with Seminole Rotary Club and other community groups.

Sean initially spoke with Paul, and then with paralegal Monica Case. The team met with him the next day. “We went over everything,” explained Sean. “Everything was quick and easy. They told me that it was going to take about a year, but within the year, it was constant contact letting me know what was going on, setting up my doctor appointments, meeting with doctors.”

“Then paralegal Jennifer Rosenberg came in about five months into the case to help Monica get everything put together. The diligence that Paul, Monica and Jennifer showed was great. I couldn’t have done anything without them. They were guiding me the whole time.” The sign of a great legal team is how well they keep their clients’ informed. “Not only did Paul, Monica, and Jennifer call me, they’d write me emails and make sure I went over all the documents two to three times making sure everything was correct.”

It wasn’t just about Sean. “Not only did they ask how I was doing, but how Stella was doing,” explained Sean. “That was a really big deal. Stella is like my child because I don’t have a wife or kids. That made me feel like they genuinely cared about my well-being as well as Stella’s well-being.” “It’s a family atmosphere there, and that’s what I liked,“ exclaimed Sean. “I couldn’t say enough about DeLoach, Hofstra & Cavonis.”

Sean is right about our firm’s family atmosphere. We’re committed to helping every member of your family. Even beloved pets like Stella. When you need help, we’re here.