Vicki's Trust Planning Testimonial (Transcript)

My mom died six years ago. We had a will, we lost the will. And my whole family came down from Michigan, my uncle and his wife, and my cousin and her husband, and we loaded your conference room.  There were ten of us all talking about my uncle, my other uncle, who is in a nursing home down here. 

Five years later I’m walking in trying to get all this taken care of, and I sat down with Rep and I told him “I have this big ball of yarn that’s all tangled. There are so many ends and I don’t know where to go.”

We have a family trust that my mom was the head of and then my other uncle took it on, so we needed to get the trust redone since my mom had died. And so Rep set up the trust, and we got that all worked out, running it and he helped answer all the questions. He met with all of us and answered all of our questions regarding what was best for my uncle here. I mean when he first went in it was every day I was there and making sure and staying on top.

Medical issues constantly… we almost lost him a couple months ago. But now I have somebody that I know that is staying on top of it and will answer my questions, and will help me get to the bottom of some of the issues that we’ve had. All I have to do is make a phone call if there is a problem instead of getting up and getting there and stomping my feet.

On top of all that I’ve had Rep do my trust with the money that I got from the sale. So much burden has been lifted from me. I almost feel like a new person. It’s so nice to find places that think outside the box, and really want to make sure that it’s the best plan for your family and for what your needs are going to be… with actual care behind it, and love behind it. 

And I just feel like the whole firm has just been a blessing to our family.