Walter's Car Crash Testimonial (Transcript)

Walter: I had just left a client's home and I was heading west on Belleair Road and a car was coming at me at a high rate of speed. It had just run the stop sign. The officer said it was probably going 60 miles an hour.

I was pushed up off of the street into the front of a business and her car just kind of veered off and it was ripped pretty much, the whole front end ripped off of it. I was able to get my door pried open and I went over and checked on her and she had two small children in the back seat and we got her out of the car and got her on the porch.

Donna: When you have an accident, you think if I'm walking and I'm talking that everything's okay.  And at first you don't notice that things aren't okay.

Walter: I had a herniated disc, two bulging discs, two of my ribs had broke off at the spine.

Donna: And so Meni had said, "Well, you don't know the long-term effect of this. You really should make sure that you're taken care of."

Walter: My very best friend who is a retired attorney, Meni Kanner. I had called him about another issue and said, "By the way, I had an accident." And he said, "Walter," he said, "You need to call DeLoach and Hofstra." I said, "I just had a closing over there." I said, "I've known that family Meni since the '80s." He said, "Well, you need to go to them and explain what has happened.”

The minute I hung up, I had called your firm and was reassured everything he told me and I made an appointment and came in and, oh my goodness, it overwhelmed me. The detail that they go to for every specific minute item and half of it I wouldn't have even thought about. But when I walked out of there, I felt like I had protective iron around me. And all of those doubts were taken away after one day with your family.

And it was so easy to get ahold of Paul. Bang. One phone call, there's Paul. He would answer difficult questions and he kept me focused for that year and a half. And then each time we corresponded, it was always that same warmth, brilliance, and understanding from your office.

I feel that I have made friends for life, and I'm positive of that, that I could call on them any time for any question and they would give me a very correct, intelligent answer. I'm certain.

I never felt so secure in any business environment in my sixty-eight years of life.