How To Get PIP Insurance To Cover A Florida Car Accident (Transcript)

Paul R. Cavonis, Injury Law and Board Certified Civil Trial Attorney

In the state of Florida we have something called the No-Fault Law. It's also called Personal Injury Protection insurance, or PIP for short. PIP, Personal Injury Protection, No-Fault insurance all mean the same thing. And you'll hear that term used interchangeably depending on who you talk to, but don't be confused. Again, No-Fault, PIP, which is short for Personal Injury Protection benefits, all of those terms mean the exact same thing.

And in the state of Florida what that means is that you look to your own insurance company to provide certain benefits. These are limited insurance benefits. It typically pays $10,000 of medical bills, 60% of lost wages, less any deductible that you've incurred. Under Florida's No-Fault Law, you've got to get treatment within 14 days of the date of your crash. You've got to see a physician who will evaluate you and determine whether or not you have what's called an emergency medical condition, or an EMC.

If you do not get treated within that time period and we do not have that determination, then your own insurance company can deny you the No-Fault benefits that you've paid premiums for over many, many years. So that is a condition of you getting your No-Fault benefits. So it's very, very important that you seek medical treatment.

Obviously, we would want you to contact us much earlier than 14 days because we want to make sure that we're preserving all of the evidence, getting witness information, getting physical evidence relating to the crash. But I can't stress that enough. You've got to be treated within 14 days.


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Injury Law and Board Certified Civil Trial Attorney