Rose's Car Accident Testimonial Video (Transcript)

Rose: Well, I was in Largo Mall and I got back in the car and I stopped for the stop sign. I looked both ways and I got rammed right in the middle of the ... This car's going one on both sides. After I took all her information and then she just took off. Then, I realized I should've called the police but it was all too late.

It was the last day of my therapy because I have problems with my back and everything. My last day and I said, "Well, let me go up to Largo Mall," which I shouldn't have gone. It really set me back.

We knew of this office. We had a lot of dealings with this office and they were always very helpful. We went to the office here and we told them what happened and they worked from there. They were very helpful and informative of what was going on. And it took a while but the case was settled and we were ... The people here are very nice and they kept us informed of what was going on.

If you're ever in an accident, get DeLoach and Hofstra.