On Monday, September 13, the staff from the law firm and title company gathered together in the new seminar room to celebrate Dennis R. DeLoach’s 83rd Birthday. In honor of Mr. DeLoach’s birthday and in preparation for the forthcoming demolition of the former office building, the celebration included a very special and surprise unveiling.

DHC team holding artwork in front of old building before and after demo


Simone DeLoach: “So you're probably like, what is going on today? I know I've been very secretive about it. A little history--I've been working on this for a year. I started on it in September of 2020 to bring us to this day. So I'm good at keeping secrets (laughter from the audience). So you're [also] probably wondering, who is this lovely gentleman that's sitting beside me? I want to introduce him. Our special guest. His name is Dennis McBride. A little bit about Dennis is that he began at a young age to teach himself drawing and painting. His formal training in technical drawing led to a 38-year career as both a technical illustrator and a manager of graphic services. He has been listed in “Who's Who in Corporate Communications,” a feature of Audio-Visual Communications magazine. He's also written and illustrated many articles and is the author of two how-to books. His works have been exhibited and hang in many private collections. Dennis McBride is also the Seminole Historical Society resident artist. So, like Dennis DeLoach, Dennis McBride exemplifies the community spirit of Seminole. Dennis [DeLoach] through leadership and Mr. McBride does it through his renderings of historic landmarks. So if you’ll join me…”

(Simone, Mr. McBride, Mr. DeLoach and Rep DeLoach stand alongside the veiled artwork.)  

"So on the count of one, two, three (veil drops)."

“We are very pleased to announce that Mr. McBride has donated the original drawing to the Seminole Historical Society. So the law firm of DeLoach, Hofstra & Cavonis and the Seminole Title Company will be [represented] at the historical museum with other historical landmarks. And a huge, happy birthday to Mr. DeLoach.”

Simone DeLoach and Dennis McBride working on the artwork

Rep DeLoach: I don't have any prepared remarks, but to echo Simone's sentiment, we would obviously not be here without the hard work of every single one of you. So much appreciated. And then started a couple of years ago by my dear old dad. In 1976, decided to leave a fabulous law firm and take a chance. And literally, we're here because of that. We're here to celebrate a great man’s birthday amongst other things.

Tammy Dina: I mean, he's all right (laughter from audience).

Dennis DeLoach: But what a surprise and just what a wonderful gathering to have all of you here. Thank you, Mr. McBride. Thank you [Simone] for doing this. And we're glad my wife, Faye, could come down today. A lot of time she stays home in Homosassa but we're sure glad she came today. I just want to thank everyone for everything you've done to make this firm a family-friendly, worthwhile, value-creating firm and I just want to thank each one of you. And then I am just personally thankful to the good Lord and the blessings that he's given all of us. And I just cannot go without a thank you to Him. Thank you for everything and I just want to give each one of you applause.

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