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DHC is Going Green


DHC and STC are going green! While a law firm and title company may not be a traditional setting for environmental stewardship, we recognize there is room for such endeavors everywhere. Here are just some of our green initiatives:

  • Rechargeable batteries for video equipment: our marketing department produces many educational and testimonial videos which require frequent battery use. To cut down on waste, they use rechargeable batteries for all their AV equipment when possible.
  • Electric Car Chargers (coming soon): the firm will be installing two new electric chargers on site for attorneys and staff. It can also be used by clients of the firm and customers of the title company while they are in a meeting at our offices. 
  • Water bottle refill station: to reduce plastic, we installed a refill station for staff and provided reusable cups.
  • Recycling: we recycle paper, plastic, and aluminum through the City of Seminole’s recycling program.
  • “Donation station”: we have an ongoing “donation station” to encourage “reuse” in our kitchen for staff to donate gently used books, household goods, etc. to fellow staff. If it’s not claimed, it goes to a local charity.
  • Plates and silverware: We are using real plates and silverware to decrease one-time use paper plates and plastic utensils.
  • Environmental Intern: While working full-time as a probate paralegal, Becky Brandt has been pursuing her passion for environmental stewardship and an Associate in Science degree in Environmental Science at St. Petersburg College. As part of her graduation requirements, she interned at the firm working to reduce our environmental footprint and move us toward sustainable practices. Becky’s activities included organizing an energy audit with Duke Energy, encouraging paper and power reduction, and introducing composting. Becky’s on-site advisor Simone DeLoach said, "The firm truly values the important and meaningful work Becky is doing. She has become our ‘green ambassador.’"

Becky and Simone

  • Paperless Practices: each of the practice areas is working toward a more “paperless practice” which increases efficiency, saves space, and is readily available on our network for our professional staff and attorneys.
  • ZOOM meetings: we are incorporating more zoom meetings which means fewer cars on the road resulting in less pollution.
  • Technology in conference rooms (less printing): no more back-and-forth trips to their office to print off documents for review. The attorneys and paralegals can review the document on a large monitor and make real-time edits with clients. Reducing printing and trips to our office for revisions.
  • Composting: the marketing department recently started composting and it is going well, we hope to make it firm-wide in the future.
  • Packing Materials: we reuse a lot of our boxes and packing materials. If we don’t use it, we recycle the cardboard and drop off any unused packing materials at our local UPS for reuse.
  • QR Codes: use QR codes at events, on collateral, and on signage to reduce paper.


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