I love giving continuing legal education to other attorneys as it makes me a better attorney.  I have worked with the National Business Institute for years and every time it has allowed me to learn more about a particular estate planning or elder law subject. Over the years, I have spent hours and hours learning more and writing outlines about the following subjects:

  • the history and effectiveness of living wills
  • durable powers of attorney
  • estate taxes
  • income taxes as a part of estate planning
  • long-term care insurance planning
  • special needs trusts and when to use them
  • elder placement and concerns
  • Medicaid and asset protection planning
  • and more . . .

Learning more, writing about and then presenting on these issues is always great fun, although usually a great amount of work.  But my additional learning and willingness to put more time in at night and on the weekends makes me a better attorney, which makes me a better resourse to my clients. How many other attorneys say that they have spent 60+ hours studying living wills, the effectiveness of living wills and how to implement end-of-life counseling into their practice?  The reality is that I do not know any other attorneys who have taken the time to do this.

This leads me up to my speaking engagement coming up for NBI on Tuesday, December 13th.  Here I will be presenting on:


  1. Medicaid Planning Overview
  2. Long-Term Care Options and Planning in a Nutshell
  3. Special Needs Trusts
  4. Advance Medical Directives
  5. Powers of Attorney
  6. DNR Orders and Organ Donation Considerations

Best of all, I believe that my father, Dennis R. DeLoach, Jr., will be attending this seminar, so I would love to have him in the audience, and hope that he could learn a little bit from his son.




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