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Our client Deby with estate planning attorney Rep DeLoach

My Go-To for Everything

“God forbid something happens to me.” That’s what so many people either wonder, ignore or plan for. It’s the nagging question that good estate planning provides comforting answers for.

“I am one of those ‘once a client, always a client.’ My association with Dennis DeLoach Jr. and this firm go back a long time,” declared Deby, who first worked with Dennis in 1974.

Deby began working with Dennis’ son, Rep DeLoach, soon after he joined the firm in 2003. “I'm certain the first time I saw him, I saw this skinny young kid and thought, God, is he going to be as good as his father? Is this kid going to be able to handle it? But when he came to the house to complete my parents' wills, he explained all the documents to help my parents understand. I thought he was excellent. I really had great confidence in his abilities early on and not just because he was part of the firm.”

When Deby’s husband, Hugh, passed away in 2017, Deby made sweeping decisions about Rep DeLoach and her own estate planning. “He is my ‘go to’ person for everything. He's my power of attorney, healthcare surrogate and executor,” exclaimed Deby. “I chose Rep not because I'm not close to my family, but because my family lives 6,000 miles away. Also, they're too close to me in age. My brother is 86, I have a twin sister, and I have no children. When Hugh died, I decided I needed someone I could trust with everything I got.”

“Rep provided tremendous peace of mind for me,” attested Deby. “Now I've got someone close by whom I trust probably more than a relative. A relative may act out of emotional stress. Even if you've got it all written out, a relative may misconstrue or make changes, whereas an independent party goes by your written instructions.“

“You're not like the “big box” firms,” concluded Deby. “I always felt like it was family. So the fact that Rep is willing to do this for me, I consider that kind of a privilege.”

We truly value Deby and her trust in our firm and its people. It's a heartwarming journey for Rep, who went from jokingly referred to as the “skinny young kid” to becoming Deby’s trusted advocate for all her legal, financial, healthcare and end-of-life wishes.

“I would like to ‘share my story for your 45th anniversary’ but cannot name just one good experience with your firm. All experiences have been favorites!” added Deby. “Happy Anniversary and congratulations on the almost completed new home of DHC!” 



Deby's Koozie pic in New Zealand

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