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Does Florida Have a Small Estate Affidavit Process?

The general answer is no.

We get this question a lot when someone dies without a beneficiary of a life insurance policy, for instance, among other matters. When the family is trying to claim these funds upon the death of a loved one, the claim form may contain statements about a "small estate affidavit" or something to this effect. Florida does not have anything like this, which means the family will more than likely need to consult a probate attorney to help gain control of the assets.  

Florida does have a Summary Administration process, however, but this usually means hiring an attorney. I have more on the types of Probate in Florida that would be helpful if you cannot get control of an assets upon someone's death.

If your loved one has passed and you are trying to access their assets, our guide to Navigating the Florida Probate Process will be very helpful.

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