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Do I need to re-do my last will and testament if I just moved to Florida?

Moving to another state means that you should have an attorney review your existing estate planning documents to make sure they are correct.  Importantly, just because you moved it does not mean that your last will and testament must be redone. You should, however, have a knowledgeable attorney review your will and other documents, just in case there are Florida specific rules that you should know.

One reality is that your estate planning documents may be older and may have some long awaited updates, so it can never hurt to review the documents before you visit an attorney. It is also more likely that your incapacity planning documents, meaning your power of attorney, designation of healthcare surrogate, and living will, should be changed as the documents are more state specific.

If you would like to have your out of state documents reviewed, call (727) 397-5571 to schedule a consultation.

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